Thursday, 17 May 2012

DYLAN COVERS # 49 Everly Brothers - Abandon Love/Lay Lady Lay

Here they come!

EVERLY BROTHERS - Abandoned Love(1985)

EVERLY BROTHERS - Lay Lady Lay(1984)

The Everly Brothers version of Bob Dylan`s Abandoned Love, is taken from their Dave Edmunds produced album 'Born Yesterday'(1985). This is a top Track, my favourite cover of the song.

The cover of "Lay Lady Lay", is taken from their album "EB 84"(1984)

Phil Everly stated in interview that Dylan offered the song to them backstage after an appearance by the duo in New York. Phil asked Dylan if he had any new songs that they might record. Dylan picked up a guitar and proceeded to sing the song so quietly that the Everlys thought they heard Dylan sing "Lay lady lay, lay across my big breasts, babe." He thought the song was about lesbians. Don Everly declined the song, saying "thank you, it's a great song, but I don't think we could get away with it. Dylan did not question them about it and went on to record the track himself. Months later, they heard Dylan's version on the radio and realized they'd misunderstood the words. The Everlys felt they'd missed a big opportunity and later recorded the song on their EB 84 album.,,,
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DYLAN COVERS # 49 Everly Brothers - Abandon Love/Lay Lady Lay
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18 May 2012 at 13:58

I’ve been a Dylan fan forever and I was just out of college in 1985. I had heard of the Everly Brothers but wasn't a fan and didn't know anything about Dave Edmunds back when the album came out but I bought it in New England Music City on Harvard Ave in Allston and I have always loved their version of Abandoned Love. I have never been able to find it on CD and the LP has somehow disappeared over the years. Thanks for posting!

18 May 2012 at 14:48

1ifbyrain2ifbytrain wow! that is a name bet you don't get much junk mail... glad you like the post. The track is on the 'Born Yesterday' album and is still available on CD, I just did quick search.