Saturday, 5 May 2012

SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Death in Vegas - 'Aisha'

Death In Vegas - 'Aisha' (2000)

Whilst you are reading this, I will be pumping my hard earned cash into a slot machine in fabulous Las Vegas. The thing that will have it's "death" in Vegas is definitely going to be my credit card, but I'm prepared for that, it's even my choice! I'm hoping to have a mad, fun and action filled week that could include Tigers in hotel rooms and little Chinese mafia guys but it will more likely include a civilised sightseeing trip to the Hoover Dam and seeing Carlos Santana perform live in the Mandalay Bay. Either way I can't lose!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

I've been making all manner of playlists in preparation for my trip, including a Vegas themed one with the help of you, our readers. Thanks again! How could I forget Death In Vegas with their industrial dance-rock style?

My 3 favourite tracks from Death in Vegas are 'Dirge', 'Scorpio Rising' which featured Liam Gallagher and this one featuring none other than Iggy Pop. I remember putting it on the jukebox in a dingy little pub I used to frequent called The Rifleman in Hounslow. The bartender Steve (who was wise to all us underagers) was totally baffled as to why anyone would like this freaky song. "This is not proper music!" he'd used to say. I mentioned to him that it was in fact Iggy speaking (of whom he was a big fan) and he just grumbled. I think I liked this song because it reminds me so much of that great series by David Lynch, 'Twin Peaks'. It was so weird but gripping all the same! Back when I was courting a young and lean London Scouser, we watched the first series in it entirety. Hmm murder, how romantic!

Death In Vegas are still going strong and touring now. They will be playing at various festivals too and if you go to their gig in Oxford on 15th May, you could be part of their latest album which will be recording live. For more info go to

We are so money

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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Death in Vegas - 'Aisha'
4/ 5


10 May 2012 at 12:18

Aisha, I'm vibrating! Brilliant! Last years album was pretty good too, Trans Love Energies.

Also I just remembered....Dirty Vegas's 'Days go By', top tune!

13 May 2012 at 10:16

Have not heard this but I love it...would not have recognised it even better now!