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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - R.I.P Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love / Love To Love You Baby'

Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love' (1977)

I heard the sad news that Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines), The Queen Of Disco herself passed away at her home in Key West on 17th May. She was another victim to cancer which has affected so many of our lives. In honour of her and amazing voice, this week's Saturday Night Jukebox is dedicated to two of my favourite songs which are absolute timeless classics.

RIP Hot Stuff

One of my favourite dance songs of all time is 'I Feel Love'. I wish it was because I was in the midst of disco fever and whole dance floors of people doing routines back in the 70's but alas it is because I first heard this song properly in 1995 as a remixed version on Now 32. This was a time when myself at 13, my best friend and two promising candidates for boyfriends went ice skating at Slough Ice rink every Saturday. I used to request this from the DJ at the Ice rink especially for the "speed round" and tried to impress the lads although I couldn't actually go that fast because I was wearing the crappy rental skates. It was a time of excitement and mischief and I'm proud to include this track in the soundtrack to my life!

I then heard the original 12" single through my travels with its totally groundbreaking electro backing and can see why it has influenced so many songs. It totally mesmerised me and I still find it too short! It's definitely the blueprint of disco and dance to me. I love the way Summer's voice builds and builds in layers and comes down like a deep breath in and out. Check out the official video which is a great live performance. Could Donna Summer have invented body popping and the robot?!

Here's the full indulgent 12" Version for your Listening pleasure!

Donna Summer - 'Love To Love You Baby' (1975)

I couldn't pay homage to Donna Summer and not include this fantastic saucy number. Inspired by the famous banned song Je t'aime...Moi Non Plus" by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, Ms Summer imagined she was Marilyn Monroe to get into character for this song....need I say more! It is close to my heart too. It reminds me of doing my GCSE Drama Exam (I got an A* thank you very much) where I chose to perform the character Beverly from Mike Leigh's Abigail's Party. When trying to cut the entire play down to 20 minutes, I deemed it essential we include the start where Bev is on her own getting things 'just so' for her guests. She puts this song on and winds to the music, very fitting for the era and character! I didn't know who it was by and it was before portable MP3's so I had to record it from the video. My costars said, just go with something else, but I insisted it had to be this song!

Abigail's Party - it's really beautiful actually

Love to Love Disco? Feel the Love with more Saturday Night Jukebox here!

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SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - R.I.P Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love / Love To Love You Baby'
4/ 5


20 May 2012 at 08:30

If you were there no matter what gendre of music you liked, I feel Love would have stopped you in your tracks, it was that ground breaking. as was Abigail's Party!

20 May 2012 at 09:16

A fitting tribute SH. Fabulous tracks and as Old Pa says irrespective of the genre of music you predominantly liked. Giorgio Moroder's production was well ahead of it's time and lay the foundation for dance/house music fo sho'. Check out Giorgio Moroder's track from Here to Eternity from 1977!

20 May 2012 at 10:57

Agreed, I Feel Love fans span all genres and decades, hence the fact it's been rereleased countless times and remains successful. Giorgio Moroder was a genius of music

24 May 2012 at 10:14

I feel love is such a tune.