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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 27/05/12 - Best Coast, Plan B, Linkin Park, Paul Buchanan


Best Coast - The Only Place

Best Coast, Best Coast Download, The Only Place Download

All this sun has taken the sadness away and I've been listening to more upbeat tunes! This track features on Indie/Hipster favourites Best Coast's new album and it is annoyingly happy. I blame the Californian sunshine -  but who cares - when the weather is like this everyone feels good!

Plan B - Ill Manors (2012)

I was quite fan of Plan B's early material, especially his 2006 album, 'Who Needs Action When You Got Words'. Undeniably talented, his raw no holds barred rhyming, clever word play and lyrical content that would make your gran blush, gave him the inevitable tag of the UK's answer to Eminem, not a bad accolade to have. I loved it! Then I heard his single 'Stay Too Long' from his 2010 follow up 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks', on a commercial radio and I was horrified, I felt he was just cashing in on the nu-soul craze, re-imaging himself as the male Amy Winehouse. Musical snobbery at it's worst, it was my loss as the songs I tried not to like we're actually good.

The anthemic 'Ill Manors' is brilliant, taken from the forthcoming soundtrack of his self produced film of the same name, it is without doubt one of the best tracks I've heard all year and for me a welcome return to his gritty, brutal best. Its political and socially charged lyrics (including a savage dig at David Cameron and the media) along with the organised musical chaos of the strings and beats, reminded me of Public Enemy at their peak. Now that's an accolade!!

I chose the live version from Jools Holland as it was a great performance but you owe to yourself to see the official video here.....almost too close to the bone!! Mind ya manners and check Plan B's website here, register and bag a free download!

Shell Hunter:-
Linkin Park - 'Burn It Down' (2012)

I never thought I would like a Linkin Park song as much as I like this one. When they first came out, I absolutely couldn't stand them! 'Nu Metal' was really popular but it just seemed like it was for kids and it didn't hold any credibility for me. I didn't think Linkin Park would last to a second album, let alone 5 over 12 years! In my eyes they deserve some respect! Anyway, enough exercising my guilty musical conscience, this song may not float everyone's boat, but its plain and simple, it floats mine. Their new album Living Things will be out on June 26th but don't panic! This single was out back in April. Get back to your teenage roots!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Paul Buchanan - 'Mid Air' Live on Jools Holland(2012)

The illusive PB

It was with great delight that I found out Paul Buchanan has a new album out (Mid-Air). Paul is one half of the 'Blue Nile' whom I have loved ever since 'Walk Across the Roof Tops' (1983) and along with 'Hats'(1989) form an outstanding body of work. Sad, intelligent, melancholy music. 'Lets go out tonight' from Hats is one of the saddest songs I think I have ever heard, it always sends down a shiver.

What a performance this is from the illusive PB and another sad, beautiful song and more shivers. I have listened to the album and it is superb, especially if you want something to put on for these moments of quiet reflection. Outstanding stuff from one of Scotland's best kept secrets. A true classic!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 27/05/12 - Best Coast, Plan B, Linkin Park, Paul Buchanan
4/ 5


27 May 2012 at 07:50

Truly, Paul Buchanan can do no wrong - no matter how long it takes him!

28 May 2012 at 17:00

SFW - Annoyingly Happy!
FC - I like this and excellent video masks n'all
SH - Could be a grower!

1 June 2012 at 17:10

I like what I have heard of Best Coast so far, I like her voice, shades of 10,000 maniacs. I think it's ok to be happy once in a while.

"Nu-Metal, no credibility", says the girl who went to see Limp Bizkit! I know what you mean though. This isn't bad, it could creep up on me but they've certainly moved on, a lot tamer now. I did like 'It's Going Down' though.

I saw that PB performance and thought it was incredibly moving, sad but warming to the soul. I sound like a spam comment !!

3 June 2012 at 11:19

Sfw - this is not annoyingly happy, that would be like Katrina & the Waves' 'walking on Sunshine' or 'Young at heart' by the Bluebells. I can't stand those songs but I like Best Coast. Totally different ball park!

Fly - I like! Brilliant tension created by the ninja string players. He's so angry!

Pa - Blimey, it's been a whirlwind of emotions this totw, happy to angry to sad! Moving indeed.