Sunday, 17 June 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 17/06/12 - Metric, Beach Boys, Kasabian, Black Lips


Metric - 'Youth Without Youth' (2012)

'Rock and Roll-ah, rock and roll', I'm ever so slightly uncomfortable with the fact that this track reminds me of Gary Glitter and his hair but it's the first thing I thought of. No issue though, it's a wholesome slice of Electro Pop goodness with the Glam Rock tinged fuzzy guitar riff and stomping beat certainly grabbing my attention this week. It also kind of reminds me a bit of Ladytron or Goldfrapp with guitars. Anyway, 'Youth Without Youth' is taken from the Canadian band's new album Synthetica which is out now.

Support the metric system....Just vist their website, join their gang and get a free download. 

Shell Hunter:-
Kasabian - 'Switchblade Smiles' (2011)

This latest album from Kasabian has been a slow burner for me and although the singles have been catchy, I think that was half the problem. I felt they lacked the hard edge and rawness their previous albums delivered. That was until I heard this track again. The start is superb with masses of deep bass and a guitar riff you can't escape from. On first hearing I thought it sounded like Hot Chip meets the Beastie Boys' Sabotage...a winning combo! It was the first song they premiered for the album Velociraptor! last year and finally it is getting a lot more airplay possibly in preparation for a rerelease. I hope so! If anyone is at the Radio one  Hackney Weekend on the 23rd June, it'll be worth catching Kasabian there!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Beach Boys - Isn't it Time(2012)
Well it's here!  the new Beach Boys album 'That's why God made the radio' and its pretty good too. This track  'Isn't it time'  is my instant favourite, it is vintage Beach Boys, all the harmonies are there, all the sunshine. I have to say, I was a bit dubious when I heard they were recording a new album together, including his Highness Brian Wilson, but I am more than pleasantly surprised with what I have heard so far. Can't wait to give this album a through road test.  As the track says 'The good times don't have to end' well definitely not when we have the Beach Boys. Doobi! doobi! dum!

Good Vibrations!
Black Lips - Modern Art

It's been a difficult month (musically) for me as I haven't had the time to discover much music.  However, this track by Black Lips has managed to trickle through from my "new music playlist".  Black lips are a Alternative/Punk band from Atlanta, Georgia and this track features on their album Arabia Mountain. Their brash, surf-punk feel made me think of Skateboarding video soundtracks from the 1990's and has made just want to dust off the board and get radical.  Download it through the link below or from RCRDlbl.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 17/06/12 - Metric, Beach Boys, Kasabian, Black Lips
4/ 5


17 June 2012 at 13:53

FC - Yes a bit of GG there don't panic I bought his first album. But this is not half bad....must get my dancing shoes on
SH - a wasted minute before it started but once it got going was ok.
SFW - I like this and going straight for the download love that fuzzy guitar, Short but very sweet

25 June 2012 at 15:16

Black lips are the pick of the bunch for me, I know what you mean with the skating analogy. Also a different sort of southern sound too.

I've gone off Kasabian so this track had to do a Mark Walhberg style turnaround for me (I despised his Marky Mark moniker). Though it starts off really well, I think they try too hard and kind of forget what they were trying to do.

A good nostalgic track from the Beach Boys, with, like you say, all the sun and oohs and woohs....I still haven't listened to Pet Sounds though!