Tuesday, 26 June 2012

TUESDAY BLUES!! John Legend - Show Me

John Legend - Show Me (2007)

With it's Hendrix-style guitar riff and a vocal style reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, this song ticks every box. It featured on his 2007 album, Once Again, and in my (humble) opinion is probably his best ever song.
The song is dedicated to Yaguine Koita and Fode Tounkara, young stowaways who died flying from Guinea to Belgium in July, 1999; as well as the millions who live in poverty and the video was shot in Zanzibar and Tanzania in October, 2007.

Despite it's sincere subject matter, when I listen to it, I always think of my wife and in particular one interesting evening we had. It was our first Valentine's and I wanted to make a great impression. Although, I I'd only had moved down to West Wales a few months earlier, I thought it would be best to check with my sister (who was living done there at the time) for her recommendations of a nice restaurant in the area. Unfortunately, she couldn't remember the name but said it started with a 'B' and was near a particular round-about, so when I came across the 'Bush Inn', near the said roundabout I quickly called them up to book a table.  I was greatly relieved that they had some availability and I thought I'd cracked it.

John Legend - good for lovin'
On the night, I slapped on the Old Spice, had a 'Valentines Playlist' CD prepared, put it on the car stereo and we headed out.  She had asked, "where were we headed" and I said that "it was a surprise" and we continued the drive, both looking forward to a romantic evening.  As we got nearer to the roundabout, I got a little nervous as we passed a little pub and noticed how my girlfriend seemed to smile on the approach, but then looked a little confused as we drove past the car park.  

We continued on and quickly arrived at the roundabout and we had arrived at the place I had booked. As I pulled into the car park I noticed that my girlfriend had a little grin, I was certain it was in anticipation of a night of guaranteed loving.  However, when we walked into the bar, my face dropped, I was gutted, it was full of pensioners, paper table cloths, a cheap fake rose on the table and I quickly realised I had made a big mistake.  It was a dive, the sort of pub that looks up to a Weatherspoons. I had a face on as I realised I had got it completely wrong. We quickly ate our meal and drove back home, as we passed the other pub I noticed the name, it was called "the Bridge".  It was a surprise, just not the one I was hoping for!!!

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TUESDAY BLUES!! John Legend - Show Me
4/ 5


26 June 2012 at 10:11

Great story I'm still smiling...and a great tune to boot!

26 June 2012 at 12:33

Excellent song! What a guy! At Least you had the Old Spice on that would have more than made up for it! Interestingly (or not), I was coerced into watching The Voice by my wife and Will I Am wrote alot of the songs for John Legend. Including Ordinary People which Will emotionally explained was about a break down of a relationship he once had. I think completely differently about that song when I hear it as a result.