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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Bob Seger - Still The Same

MIDWEEK CRISIS You're alone at Christmas, come to WEDNESDAY CLUB we've got Bob Seger, Muhammed Ali, Jurgen Blin and a Christmas Turkey???

BOB SEGER - Still The Same(1978)

I owed a lot to that little India Store round the corner where I lived in Cranford. It was 1971, I had moved down from Scotland at the beginning of the year. I had changed jobs and now worked at the Airport for British Airways. It was in my 4th different flat in a year. Mostly bad luck rather than me being thrown out. Anyway back to the Indian Store, every time I got off the bus I aways checked their boxes of second hand singles and LPs. I discovered many gems from that shop, thanks guys. A few years later from the same shop I picked up 'Still the Same' by Bob Seger and immediately bought the album.  I have been a long time fan ever since. He is responsible for some good honest rock and a Greatest Hits is essential in any collection.

It was Christmas Time in 71' and 3 of us in the flat were all off on Boxing Day and decided to have an Xmas extravaganza to make up for having to work on the big day. My other two flat mates were going with each other at the time and invited a single girl friend round, hoping to 'match make' for lonely old me.

She was a stunner and we got on really great, everything was going to plan, the pre-drinks, the meal, the paper hats, the jokes, the expensive wine. It was all too good to be true. But there was something niggling me at the back of my mind.

Later the lights were low. we were dancing close, I was really in there. It was then I looked at the clock, I said I had to go into the next room for a while, I needed to watch the big fight, Muhammed Ali verses Jurgen Blin. Ali was on his 'Bum of the Month Tour'. I could not miss it, could I?. Would you?

Ali won of course and when I went back expecting to start where I left off, I was sadly mistaken. She ignored me, there was a cool atmosphere in the room and she left soon after, along with her overnight bag.

A Christmas Turkey!

That's the trouble with girls, they have no sense of occasion, no sense of priorities    
Must have been those night moves

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Bob Seger - Still The Same
4/ 5


13 June 2012 at 09:03

Great song, one of the ones I remember growing up to. Hilarious story, a stunnah with an overnight bag or 'The Bum of the Month Tour'? contest really!!

16 June 2012 at 19:58

You really know how to show a girl a good time?!