Sunday, 1 July 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 01/07/2012 - Zvuloon Dub System, Major Lazer, The Ravonettes, Milk Maid

Major Lazer - 'Get Free' feat Amber Coffman

Hear meh kno! Fabulous piece of dreamy melancholia which the NME brilliantly describe as "fuzzy, gloopy, underwater-sounding Reggae (I really couldn't have put it better myself!). It took a couple of listens but this song just sort of creeps up on you and gets into bed with your soul, or something. Amber's yearning voice and contemplative lyrics over some low key, oddball electronica certainly does it for me. 'Get Free' is taken from Major Lazer's (side project from DJ/producer Switch and Diplo) hotly anticipated follow up album to 2009's, 'Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers do' which was a heady mix of Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall and Electro. An album which was hugely enjoyable and if I remember right I managed to smash up my personal best on the cross trainer whilst listening to it down the gym, a high point in my life, now I just eat biscuits. So more of the same please......BO!
Major Lazer website

The Ravonettes - War in Heaven

I have been listening to this the last few days and I'm smitten. It's by the cult Danish band The Ravonettes and features on their new album Raven in the Grave.  Their hard-edge guitar, lo-fi beats and haunting vocals is perfect on this rainy morning that feels like winter rather than the beginning of July!  Their sound is comparable to The Jesus & Mary Chain & The Velvet Underground, of which they draw some influence  - either way, I love a bit of Danish!

Old Pa' Corner :-
Zvuloon Dub System - Voodoo Chile (2012)
Zvuloon Dub System would you believe are a Reggae Band from Isreal, just goes to show Reggae gets to all corners, I wonder if there is an Eskimo Reggae band out there somwhere 'Narwhal 90 degrees below Foundation System' maybe? This great track which cover Hendrix's 'Voodoo Chile' is taken from their album Freedom Time click for full review of the album and information about Zvloon Dub System.
This track is good it, chuggs along at a slow mellow pace reminicient of Marleys's 'Natural Mystic' and sounds remarkable similar at times.

After hearing this track I just had get the album, and boy am I glad I did, it is excellent and it has definitely satisfied the Reggae fix I was desparately craving.
The River of Babylon

Shell Hunter:-
Milk Maid - 'Summertime' (2012)

This track hit me whilst in a driving trance and I imagined a tv advert for an open air festival, in slow motion with people's smiling faces and wellies etc. With the John Squire-esque guitar it gets the best bits from The Stone Roses. And guess who's playing this weekend in Manchester? How weird! The single 'Summertime' was released on June 25th and hopefully we'll be getting some nice weather to go with it. I haven't heard much about Milk Maid but I've heard enough to want to know more. Check out their blog here to stream their new album Mostly No now!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 01/07/2012 - Zvuloon Dub System, Major Lazer, The Ravonettes, Milk Maid
4/ 5


1 July 2012 at 16:28

FC - Really enjoyed this one and certainly want to hear it grabs you
SFW - all the influeneces come through this is excellent will have to get the album
SH - A cup of Stones Roses....nice one squire!

A triple treat!

2 July 2012 at 07:04

Good to hear some fresh reggae, mates. Eskimo can only hope so!

11 July 2012 at 01:06

Good choices as always, the pick for me though is the Zvuloon Dub system. That is so good, ticks all the boxes for me, must check the album if you say it's worth a listen.

SH, yup, definitely know what you mean about John Squire. Took me a few listens but I'm taken by it. Very baggy.

Sfw, don't know about this, I think I have to listen to this when I have a face like a smacked arse on a wet Wednesday to do it justice.