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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Nils Lofgren - It's not a crime/Keith don't Go

MIDWEEK CRISIS you feel like a criminal, come to WEDNESDAY CLUB we've got Nils Lofgren and it's not a crime to like Led Zeppelin
Keith(Richards) don't go!

NILS LOFGREN - Keith Don't Go(1975)

There was a time when Nils was the hottest property around, he had a couple of albums that were nothing short of immaculate. His first solo album the self titled 'Nils Lofgren' (1975) contained fabulous guitar based ditties, they were melodic and had superb guitar work all the way through. 'Keith don't Go' was probably the highlight and this is a drawn out version showcasing the talent of Nils. It is a must see. This is one of the great all time riffs. What's your favourite riff! then?

I shared a house in 1974 with a guy and I had earlier introduced him to Led Zeppelin. Was that a mistake? You bet it was! he became obsessed with them. He played them all the time, he talked about them all the time, he even wore Led Zeppelin T-shirts, the sad bastard. Did he not know the rules. It is never cool to wear the T-shirt of the group that you love.

It got to the stage I could not listen to Zep anymore he had put me completely off. It was his group, he had discovered, them they were exclusively his.
NILS LOFGREN - It's not a Crime(1976)

A year or so later (I was married then) .We both went to Nottinghill Gate (on a release day)  to brouse through all the second hand record shops there. In one shop, there it was 'Phisical Graffiti' (1975). It had got brilliant reviews, I was wavering, I wanted it. He grabbed it and I had to bite the bullet, but next to it, shining in all its glory was Nils second album 'Cry Tough(1976)' I casually picked it up it. I was satisfied, my cravings were fulfilled.

It was brilliant and this track blew me away as it still does today. After the guitar solo in the middle you are simply left breathless with pleasure.  

'I swore I was in Heaven'

If you have a heart condition or of a nervous disposition, please, I suggest you stick to Led Zeppelin.

Nils played on Neil Young's 'After the Gold Rush' and has been part of Springsteen's E Street Band, well if that's not a recommendation?

I later bought 'Phisycal Graffiti'

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Nils Lofgren - It's not a crime/Keith don't Go
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18 July 2012 at 20:14

Never really got into Nils...might sort that out! Oh. I've got a Led Zeppelin t-shirt!

18 July 2012 at 21:49

Nils or Led Zep? It's all good! This post brought back so many memories for this listener. First, I vividly recall the OGWT show when he did 'Keith Don't Go' - in fact I seem to remember recording that particular show with an old cheap cassette player (mic hanging down in front of telly speaker...simple times). I love 'Keith Don't Go'. Not long after that I think Nils did a whole 'In Concert' for BBC TV and it was very groovy. I was hooked and rushed out and got 'Cry Tough' when it was released. He toured the UK and me and my mate saw him at the Colston Hall in Bristol. Fab show. Nils used to do this funny little somersault off a small trampoline in the middle of a solo. I had 'Cry Tough' with me for many years but seem to have lost it now. I will have to get another copy somewhere. Thanks for these very happy memories, sir. Of course, I bought 'Physical Graffiti' around the same time. 1975, wasn't it? Now, that is a bloody perfect LP.

18 July 2012 at 23:01

SB - as you say its all good, glad it brought back good memories and thanks for sharing them...and Physical is of course up there! Although Cry Tough is excellent I still think his first solo tops it!

21 July 2012 at 20:38

Good old Nils. These songs just remind me that did a lot of good stuff back in the day, 'I Came to Dance' and 'Flip' were great albums too and a quick check thru his discography tells me there's a whole bunch more that I've never heard of! Time for a catch-up I think.

If we're talking riffs, then 'Kashmir' from 'Graffiti' takes some beating I reckon.