Thursday, 23 August 2012

DYLAN COVERS #63 The Pogues/Runrig - When the Ship Comes in/The Times the are a Changin'

Kiss my a*se

THE POGUES - When the Ship Comes In(1996)

This cover comes from the Pogues final studio album 'Pogue Mahone'(1996). I have loved the Pogues since their second album 'Rum, Sodomy and the Lash' (1985) and many an early morning, I have ended up listening to them, so it was a delight when I heard this version of WTSCI.

The Pogues were to open for Dylan on the California leg of his 1989 tour, so he must have liked them too. However, Shane MacGowan collapsed at Heathrow Airport and kind of blew the the whole thing. Click for the whole story.

I raise my 'Special Brew' to you Shane, one of my favourite songwriters.

RUNRIG - The Times they are a Changin'(1989)

Keeping up with the Celtic Ray here is a version of TTTAAC by the pride of Scotland, Runrig. The lead singer on this track 'Donnie Munro' has one of my favourite voices. Runrig and  The Pogues definitely went down well when you are living abroad, as I did for 10 years. The track is available on the Album 'The BBC Archive Series' .

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DYLAN COVERS #63 The Pogues/Runrig - When the Ship Comes in/The Times the are a Changin'
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25 August 2012 at 19:46

I've loved The Pogues since the first album but I stopped listening after 'Hell's Ditch'. The loss of the talent of Shane MacGowen to his addictions is a real artistic tragedy. It actually makes me pretty angry to think of him preferring to swim in booze than to sit and write another 'Pair of Brown Eyes'. I'll say this, though - he must have one heck of a constitution to still be around at all. Anyway, back to the music. Nice attempt at 'When The Ship Comes In', one of Bob's lesser lauded classics. Not so sure about the Run Rig track as I just can't get into them - too epic for these ears. I expect you have to be a Scot to appreciate them!

25 August 2012 at 20:47

SB - It is tragic shame Shane wasted his talent....their was a couple of good ones I recall on his solo for Runrig being Scottish and abroad was a great contributer to me liking them I suppose.