Sunday, 5 August 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 05/08/12 - Black Moth, Delicate Steve, Rudimental, Bob Marley

Four tracks worthy of Olympic gold......

Black Moth - Blackbirds Fall (2012)

We all need some Rock in our lives to blow away life's cobwebs....blackbird pie, skulls, vomit (???, see video) you can't beat it can you? Well maybe you could but this is a shredding piece of riff heavy, no nonsense old school rock which I happened to stumble upon a recommendation by The Stool Pigeon music journal. The Leeds quintet, fronted by fierce vixen of rock, Harriet Bevan have been 'axe wielding' since 2010 and 'Blackbirds Fall' is taken from their debut album The Killing Jar. Great stuff!!

Click here for a couple of free downloads from that album...

Delicate Steve - Two Lovers (2012)

I'm just a sucker for a slinky guitar riff, especially when it sounds like a combo of Eric Clapton/George Harrison getting together with AIR.  This track, which could easily fit into those classic "chill out" albums of the 00's, is by 24 year old multi-instrumentalist Delicate Steve (aka Steve Marion). A dreamy "trip" for couples who want to bump in the night, it gets me wanting to dim the lights, burn a scented candle and jump into a hot tub.  

Shell Hunter:-
Rudimental Ft. John Newman - 'Feel The Love' (2012)

I had a friend over the other day and we were watching the top ten of the most popular dance music videos. I haven't watched music videos in so long, it was great to see old faves like The Prodigy and 'Lola's Theme' but this one stood out because I had heard it a few times on the radio but never knew what it was. It sounded to me a bit like Cee Lo Green meets Chase and Status. I though the video was pretty cool too. It's what the homies would do if we were still running around on horses instead of suped up old skool rides! Rudimental is not what I assumed (another bloke from da hood who made good) but a quartet of producers and songwriters from down in 'ackney in London mate! I like a bit of dub step dance and this is just the ticket, especially with it's equestrian themed vid!

Sign up for info and gigs here ( including a gig at the famous 100 Club in London on August 6th!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Bob Marley - Natural Mystic (Lee Perry Sessions)

I have heard this before but as it is included in a new 2012 release Bob Marley and the Wailers - Trench Town Rising : The Lee Perry Sessions  I will make this my track of the week as it deserves to be heard. It is an early take on my favourite Bob Marley track and has that fabulous raw rebel feel. You will be more familiar with the Exodus version which is slowed down and had all the latest studio advantages of the time.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 05/08/12 - Black Moth, Delicate Steve, Rudimental, Bob Marley
4/ 5


7 August 2012 at 11:31

FC - this is pretty good and she is definately my type of 'Axe Vixen' i can't find the parrot!!!
SFW - nice slow pace after the one before....can imajine someone lying back smoking a cigerette...sweat dripping from forehead....but its not me!
SH - this for me would require a couple of listens to get thru....I like the horsies tho' and that killer break in the middle.

10 August 2012 at 21:43

Delicate Steve, nice feel, love the Crickets. Needs to be heard lying in a field on a hot day.

Out of all the dirge that's on the radio at work (sound like an old fart), this is the only track that came through. Does sound like Cee Lo but it's the DnB that does it for me.

I love Natural Mystic and I have never heard this, I guess original stripped back version. It's good, goes to show the quality of the song but the Exodus version is of course superior thanks to the production.