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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/08/2012 - Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, Dan Croll, Mark Knopfler, Kelli Scarr

Four tracks that made our Eagles land this week! What were your favourite Moon rocks? Let us know....

RIP Neil Armstrong

Kelli Scarr - Dangling Teeth

I love how music can sonically deliver images into our heads. When I hear this I think of mesas, cactus and nights spent in the Arizona desert, staring at the stars and sitting by a camp fire. Kelli Scarr is a Californian singer/songwriter who has previously worked with Moby. This is the title track from her   I really think this has got a bite to it.

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang - 'Feba' (2012)

I wish I had the title of the 'Bubu King', it definitely has a nice ring to it but that's the name given to Brooklyn (something in the water there) based Janka Nabay. Escaping war torn Sierra Leone, where he was already a star and settling in New York, he met up with some musicians to form his band The Bubu Gang, rekindling and modernising the traditional form of his native Bubu music. En Yay Sah is a fantastic album which I've been listening to recently, the incessant and pulsating rhythms have me hooked but it's also the electronica and dub elements which makes his music so compelling, original and essential!

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang are signed on to David Byrne's Luaka Pop label (label mates to Delicate Steve featured here), click here to read more on The Bubu King. 

Old Pa's Corner:-
Mark Knopfler -Privateering(2012)

I have always like Mark's stuff ever since I saw him on TV performing  Sultan's of Swing with Dire Straits. It was just right in the middle of Punks heyday in the late seventies. I have to admid, I am a sucker for his guitar sound. It is a shame he is now regarded as Old Hat or MOR etc. He is another victim of becoming too popular, especially due to the Brothers in Arms album (which is excellant) and is inevitably in every 'dads & mums'  CD collection. (Including mine). His solo albums Going to Philadelphia (2000) and Shangri-la (2004) (my album of the year) are nothing more than superb. But as I said, I have a soft spot. Therefore, I am glad and excited by this new release. .I love the laid back quiet  folk approach of this taster. I will be getting the new album and I don't care what you say. Enjoy your tour with Dylan Mark!.  Dylan and I can't be wrong?, can we?

Shell Hunter:-
Dan Croll - 'From Nowhere' (2012)

BBC6 music have done it again. Another rare occasion where I've sneakily tuned the radio in the office at work in and my ears pricked up to this little gem. 'From Nowhere' is set to be Dan Croll's debut single released on September 17th and I've read his style is a mixture of folk and world music(having a best friend who is from Gambia and an interest in French music). He also won a national award for song writing early last year with a prize of £5000 which I believe is helping him release his debut. How refreshing! I love the holiday feel of this track with its quirky electro sounds and echoey vocals. It reminds me a little of Santogold's 'Disparate Youth'. I really think Mr. Croll is going to be one to keep an eye on! Check out his website for more videos and links to his FB and Soundcloud pages -

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/08/2012 - Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, Dan Croll, Mark Knopfler, Kelli Scarr
4/ 5


26 August 2012 at 14:52

SFW - This is a good one, it fills a gap
FC - This is also excellent I must check the rocks along with Afro style
SH - Bloody 'el thats 3 out of 3 that i will get hold off immediately. Lots of potential here.

1 September 2012 at 01:25

Nice choice Sfw, would have been a perfect follow up track to my Laika post. Evocative like you say but I can't help but think she should be moisturising her hands more often.

Old Pa, good story about pirates and stuff but that's as far as it goes for me.

SH, very good, will keep an ear close to the ground especially with dem musical influences.