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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Wilco/Bill Fay - Jesus Etc.

MIDWEEK CRISIS you need somthing new, come to WEDNESDAY CLUB we've got Whiskey India Lima Charlie, a Bear that Sings and a Swede that Scratches, Oh! and Bill Fay
Whiskey India Lima Charlie
WILCO - Jesus Etc.(Live)

I have been a fan of Wilco and Jeff Tweedy ever since I bought their 'Summer Teeth' Album in 1999 . Every new album I have hastily got hold of immediately on release. They have never matched before or after the heights of  'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' (2002). It is frightening to know that their Record label at the time did not think it was suitable for release. One of my favourite and standout tracks from the album is Jesus Etc. I came across this brilliant live version of the song quite by accident.

A few weeks back the artist Bill Fay was brought to my attention when I was browsing through the excellant Blog Grownupbackwards (The Singing Bear). I was aware of Bill Fay but had not listened to his stuff. I knew he had a new album out after many many years. The album  'Life is People' is magnificent. Here is a true talent. It includes a fabulous slowed down cover of Jessu etc. Which along with the rest of the album is on my ear phones constantly. When I was searching Youtube for this version I came across the amazing Wilco live version.(Play it loud)

The moral of the story is, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about music but since I have been contributing to Tune Doctor I have met other like minded people and have been introduced to many Artists and songs that I have not even heard off before. Bill Fay is a shinning example.   Altogether it has been a far more rewarding experience than I could ever have imagined.  So I would like to thank my fellow TD boffs and of course, The Singing Bear, The Swede,  etc etc.

Keep 'em coming! friends!

BILL FAY - Jesus Etc.(2012)

I hope these two version turned your 'orbit around'.

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Wilco/Bill Fay - Jesus Etc.
4/ 5


29 August 2012 at 08:23

Fine track from a truly great album. It's so good to have Bill back. It's wonderful to have another fan on board.

29 August 2012 at 09:03

Ol' Singing Bear's post also encouraged me to have a proper listen to Bill's work and it's been time well spent. A lovely cover of a Tweedy beaut.

It's worth going back (and sideways) in time with Jeff - check out the Uncle Tupelo albums and the fantastic second Loose Fur LP, Born Again in the USA.

Like you I'm always searching for the new. My aim everyday is to discover at least one piece of great music I've not heard before. I may be old in years, but I like to think I have young ears!

29 August 2012 at 09:27

SB & S - thanks for comments and yes there is nothing better than when new music hits theses of lifes pleasures

1 September 2012 at 01:46

Jesus etc. Is a beautiful track anyway but Bill Fay's version takes it somewhere new. Just sitting here with headphones what an impact.

5 September 2012 at 22:28

Like Old Pa, I've only recently discovered Bill Fay. A real gem! Time again to dip my cap to all (SB & S included), Music discovery at it's finest!!!