Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gotan Project - 'Mi Confesion'

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Gotan Project - 'Mi Confesion' (2006)

The Argentinian Tango, quite possibly the sexiest dance after the Running Man and a form of music introduced to me by the Gotan Project. Stop groaning....before Strictly Come Dancing and being used in adverts to sex up both Boots the chemist and Finish detergent (please don't mention the scene in the hideous J-Lo and Richard Gere movie, Shall We Dance), they managed to make some fantastic and evocative albums. The Paris based trio incorporated their blend of dub, breaks and beats but still managed to create the brusque musical interplay so synonymous with Argentinian Tango. 

Thus making a genre of music accessible and exposing me to some classic Argentinian musicians, similar to the way the excellent Buena Vista Social Club opened me up to Cuban music. Albeit without all the media fanfare and Ry Cooder's backing adding the weight behind it. 

'Mi Confesion', is taken from The Gotan Project's second album Lunatico (also guesting Calexico on a track) and features Argentinian Hip-Hop duo, Koxmoz. Fabulous rhyming and syncopation, effortlessly mirroring the feel of Tango, giving the vintage form a modern edge. Mucho calor!!

see the Gotan Project's website here.....and
check out their two new singles they released for Record Store Day here...

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Gotan Project - 'Mi Confesion'
4/ 5


23 September 2012 at 14:18

Hot Hot stuff, love it. A brilliant mesh of genres. Can't believe you admitted to watching shall we dance...