Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ondatropica - 'Suena'

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Ondatropica - 'Suena' feat Ana Tijoux (2012)

It's been quite the week. I listen to the majority of my music in the car driving to and from work but I found myself listening to the radio, unexpectedly caught up in Olympic fever. You know you've got it bad when you end up choking back tears to Peter Wilson winning gold in Clay Pigeon shooting (a sport I have no clue about). So by the time British distance runner, Mo Farah, won an unforgettable and breathtaking 10,000 m, I was an emotional wreck!

A bit of light relief then when I heard this absolute gem of a track on this months Songlines world music magazine's free CD. Featuring Chilean MC Ana Tijoux, it's a brilliant example of marrying an unlikely pairing of traditional forms of music with modern contemporary styles, as despite the classic Cumbia backing, with it's rhythm and Accordion, there's an unmistakable Hip Hop feel to it. A formula that works so well, in my opinion and that I enjoy so much (check Congolese rapper Baloji, Danay Suarez from the Gilles Peterson Havana Cultura compilation, or Batida for example).

'Suena' is taken from the debut album Ondatropica, a joint project from Will 'Quantic' Holland (read another post here) and Colombian musician Mario Galeano who bring together classical Cumbia musicians and mixes Hip Hop, Dub and Ska in a modern celebration of Colombian Music. Ideal for donning your Speedos and sipping cocktails in the paddling pool!!

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Ondatropica - 'Suena'
4/ 5


9 August 2012 at 09:59

Great post....when Andy got over the line I was on Oxygen....I like this one a much going on there...very Ry Cooder Accordian sound

9 August 2012 at 12:48

Very nice. That driving accordion is great.