Thursday, 27 September 2012

CLASSIC MOVIE SCENE #7 - The Empire Strikes Back, The Asteroid Field - John Williams

Just a classic track that makes a classic scene...This time we join the Empire's war on terror!!

The Asteroid Field - John Williams - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

This week I attended a weight and Balance course to be able to dispatch 777 freighters. Basically what that entails is planning and distributing approx 100 tons of cargo on the aircraft without breaking it. In job terms, as an aircraft dispatcher, it's where you really want be, the Champions League if you will. Ok so maybe not Barcelona and Messi but probably more like FC Bate Borisov and Olekhnovich but Champions League nonetheless. So I thought of doing a post about the galaxy's favourite freighter, The Millenium Falcon. 

Han, lookout, two Star Destroyers!..Shush you lot, it's a penalty to Bate Borisov.....

Apologies for the clip and having to endure the whining Jedi, Luke Skywalker at the start but it was the only one I could find, the scene in question starts at 01:09. The Empire Strikes Back's Asteroid Field scene is probably my favourite from all of the Star Wars films. It's dark, it's desperate, the rebels are on the run after getting a bit of a red bottom from the Evil Empire, still smarting no doubt after getting their rather expensive Death Star, ludicrously blown up in A New Hope. But it's John Williams' exhilarating and evocative score that truly makes the scene, capturing the mood and the pace perfectly. John Williams' soundtracks were always apparent in my life when I was growing up, always there with rousing compositions to my favourite films and I'm also man enough to admit that I still cry whenever I hear the theme to ET

Don't worry about your Hydro-spanner? Come see some more classic movie scenes!

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CLASSIC MOVIE SCENE #7 - The Empire Strikes Back, The Asteroid Field - John Williams
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