Sunday, 2 September 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/09/12 - Public Enemy, Stubborn Heart, Robert Cray Band, Bat For Lashes

Here's four tracks that truly inspired us this week...
What were yours??

Shell Hunter:-
Stubborn Heart - 'Need someone' (2012)

After being forced to stay late at work because of a delayed freighter aircraft, I was alone in my car rolling home after midnight with visions of myself, glass of red wine in hand, when this lovely dark electronic ballad shook me from my day dream. I occasionally get the chance to listen to XFM's X-Posure with John Kennedy where I'd previously heard fantastic tracks such as Clock Opera's 'Lesson No.7' so am always hoping to get hit with my next future favourite song. London duo, Stubborn Heart's sound has been described as post-dubstep which I'm not entirely sure of but I get delightfully somber trip hop from this track. Their EP was out in June and an album is due out in November which I look forward to. It would be great listening to this watching the last embers die out from summer's last BBQ...

Check out their Facebook page for news or Soundcloud for a free download of track 'Knuckledown' here!

Bat for Lashes - Laura (2012)

Bat For Lashes - Laura

I tried to ignore this as, at first, I didn't like the video - it's a bit too much am-dram for me. However,  my wife will tell you I deserve an oscar when I am ill (she's got a point).  It's a beautiful song by Bat for Lashes (a.k.a. Natasha Khan) and features on her upcoming album 'The Haunted Man'.  It'll be used in the x-factor for sure!

Public Enemy - 'Get Up Stand Up' Feat Brother Ali (2012)

'Real' Hip Hop never left us, it's been in hiding...or so the saying goes. In celebration of a 25 year career (yikes!) Public Enemy are releasing two albums this year, their first, 'Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp', released last month is their best in years. Some say Chuck D is just an old man having a rant but who can blame him as he fires broadsides at the blatant materialism of Hip Hop/pop today, modern standard bearers Jay-z and Kanye West on the receiving end on 'Catch the Thrown'. Losing none of his venom or political fervour, as the Tea Party movement, Pop behemoth Lady Gaga are also on the firing line. But out of many highlights, 'Get Up Stand Up' is probably my standout track as it also features one of my favourite contemporary MC's, Brother Ali. Especially when in a verse he imitates Chucks voice, stating PE as an influence.

After 25 years Chuck D's baritone voice is as authoritative and as incendiary as ever. PE are still in effect, Boyeeeeee! The Prophets of Rage are still raging!

The 2nd album, 'The Evil Empire of Everything', is out in October. 

Interestingly, Public Enemy also do the theme tune for the Channel Four Paralympics......'Harder Than You Think', which you can see here....

Old Pa's Corner :-
Robert Cray Band - Sadder Days(2012)

I have been into Robert Cray ever since his early days, when he was a major contender with a string of excellent albums. He reached a commercial peak with his 'Don't be afraid of the Dark'(1988) album. I loved all his dark takes of infidelity (Porch Light) or new or lost Loves. RC is a fantastic guitarist too and some of his solos are pretty special.

This new track from the album is called 'Sadder Days' and is classic Robert Cray. If you like this, the album will not disappoint.  Robert Cray is back in form.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/09/12 - Public Enemy, Stubborn Heart, Robert Cray Band, Bat For Lashes
4/ 5


2 September 2012 at 12:17

SH - an absolute stunner
SFW - your right its got X-factor written upon her pretty eyelashes...not a bad song 'tho
FC - I always liked PE in small doses but I have to say this is excellent, Just watched the Para track too...PE are back! am gonna get this!

4 September 2012 at 21:45

SH, nice find, this is right up my street.
Sfw, Betty Boo doin da doo....anyway, it's ok. I bet it's one of the songs that'll creep up on you. Will give the album a listen as I really like her last one.
Old Pa, classic Robert Cray as u say, part of the soundtrack of my growing up. Will always have a soft spot. Really good.

5 September 2012 at 21:41

Old Pa - Classic Robert Cray, slinky and soul by the bucketful!
SH - Damn fine song
FC - Raging!

23 September 2012 at 14:10

Sfw- a bit of a tear jerker but not unpleasant.
Pa- Love Robert cray's voice and that sound. excellent stuff!
Fly- unmistakable Public Enemy! And still as angry as ever! are they touring again? I'm up for it!