DYLAN COVERS #71 The Roots - Masters of War x 2

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Well! it's close

THE ROOTS - Masters of War

This is a clip of members of  The Roots  performing as a trio in their new band Questlove & Go Get A Late Pass at Guitar Centre's Drum-Off 2007 . This is a pretty good video version, their a few others around.

The second one is from a Live Concert at the Beacon Theatre New York(11-07-2007)  which included artist and others who contributed to the Sound track of  'I'm Not There' If you have not heard that Concert it is well worth seeking out.

Both versions are great it, is whole new take on the song. It just goes to show how important Dylan's protest songs still are, they still stand up and are as relevant today as when they first were delivered 40 years ago on our hungry ears.
 THE ROOTS - Masters of War

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flycasual said...

Excellent! I'm a fan of The Roots and quite an original take on the song, which as you say is still relevant. Great drumming by Questlove with bonus Sousaphone action too, definitely not enough Sousaphone's in Hip Hop!

The Swede said...

Very original versions by The Roots, with Dylan's lyrics still biting and relevant 50 years on.

Singing Bear said...

Superb. I love The Roots and they more than prove they are capable of remaking Dylan for a new era. Quite something.