Thursday, 25 October 2012

DYLAN COVERS #72 Aztec Camera/Lloyd Cole - I threw it all Away

Hard Rain

AZTEC CAMERA - I Threw it all Away

Here are a couple of covers from 2 British Eighties icons, the first one was a originally released as a B-side of Aztec Camera's 1988 single 'Working in a Goldmine',  it is a cover Bob's classic 'I threw it all away' and was recorded live at The Colston Hall, Bristol during June 1988. I like this understated version that Roddy Frame(Aztec Camera's main man) almost makes his own, while he stays very close to Dylan's original. It can still be found on  the Japanese mini-album New, Live and Rare.

The second cover is by LLoyd Cole who is no stranger to Dylan Covers it was recorded live in concert on the 27 November 2001 in New York.

 LLOYD COLE - I Threw it all Away

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DYLAN COVERS #72 Aztec Camera/Lloyd Cole - I threw it all Away
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26 October 2012 at 08:11

I'm a huge fan of Roddy - a man of impeccable taste and top notch writer. This cover is very nice. The Lloyd Cole take is pretty similar. I suppose there's not much you can do with a song that is already perfect.

26 October 2012 at 17:51

Unusually for me in this feature, these are two versions that I'm familiar with - no bad thing though, as both artists and their interpretations are very good. My own favourite Dylan performance of this song is the almost primal scream (Janov, not Gillespie!) version on 'Hard Rain'.