Saturday, 27 October 2012

GUEST SPOT # 52 - Fiona Apple - Parting Gift

This weeks Guest Post has been submitted by Brynn Alexander

Fiona Apple - Parting Gift (2005)

When Fiona Apple came out with Extraordinary Machine in 2005, it had been a long, complicated, six-year wait for her fans. The album was recorded, then mixed, then shelved, then recorded again, then mixed again, then leaked on the internet, and then finally released for real. Although the record was not Fiona's biggest commercial success, it did get a lot of critical attention, and for those who were waiting all those years, it was heaven sent.There was one song that was on the official release that hadn't been on the Jon Brion-produced leak - 'Parting Gift'. It was a back-to-basics kind of song, just Fiona and her piano, and the lyrics were almost painfully clever.

To this day, it's still my favourite song on the album, and even though it's basically a song about the breakup of a relationship that ended badly, somehow it's not a sad song, and there's even a hint of nostalgia tinged with hope in there.Fiona has always been known for being a little out-there with her songwriting, and this song is no exception, but the rawness of it is captivating, and the melody is catchy enough that you'll find yourself singing along the second time through... and the third time, and the fourth time, and so forth.

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GUEST SPOT # 52 - Fiona Apple - Parting Gift
4/ 5


27 October 2012 at 14:36

Thanks again for the guest spot Brynn. Great song, I'm not at all familiar with her later material though I was a big fan of her track 'Criminal' years back but that was about it....