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Zero 7 - 'In the Waiting Line' / 'I Have Seen'

Recollection Collection......musical memories recalled with affection!

 with a smoke and a pancake!

Zero 7 - 'In the Waiting Line' (2001)

My girlfriend and I hadn't been going out long and were still checking each other out (yes still, read my Cuban post here)! when we booked a romantic weekend trip to the 'Venice of the North', Amsterdam. It was perfect, spring was in the air, the tulips were in full bloom, a leisurely stroll along a canal before taking in the Van Gogh museum. I had Post Impressionist facts about ears and stuff at the ready should they be needed to impress. Then back to our hotel, a typical classic Amsterdam townhouse in a quiet part of town for a nap before dinner, table booked for 2030. Bliss....ahhh new love!

I suggested that since we were in Amsterdam we should experience a 'coffee shop' - when in Rome and all that. In order to impress my girlfriend I wanted to make out like I knew what I was talking about so told her to follow my lead. We went to a chilled and cosy looking coffee shop away from the main drag with JJ Cale playing in the background - it was the perfect vibe. I ordered a coffee for me, a hot chocolate for my hot date and like a connoisseur, I asked the fine gentlemen behind the bar for the 'menu'. Without a clue, I decided on a ready made joint of which they had only one kind, ominously called 'Super Skunk,' obviously not a good idea but oh, what the hell, yes please!

A shmoke and Pancake alstublieft!

With the conversation flowing, the drinks going down nicely and the J being passed back and forth, all was going well. I was having most of the joint so I began to realise I might have a problem on my hands. I was already righting the world's wrongs in my head when my girlfriend piped up and to my horror said "Hey should we get another one?" Lord only knows why I agreed and even the barman looked at me with that sort of look that says, "you sure you know what you’re doing pal?" I returned to the table with drinks and with a doobie that even Jim Morrison would have refused. A few drags in, the conversation went dead, paranoia set in as I thought I had said something to upset her. Is that really the lizard king shaking his head at me in the corner? What were we talking about? The silence grew increasingly uncomfortable, I broke out in a cold sweat as I squirmed in my comfy armchair but was it really comfy? I realised I was having the dreaded 'whitey', blood drained from my face, features all slack....I had to get out so I bolted.

Dam Square, perfect recovery area..

My girlfriend chased me through the streets of Amsterdam asking what was the matter, with the bicycles dodging me thinking ‘bloody tourist!’, until I made my way to a crowded Dam Square. I tried to find the most comfortable position which was lying down besides the monument, half on - half off some steps, in the middle of the most famous square in town. Not really a good look for me and certainly not quite the impression I was hoping to make after the wonderful day we had had. We should have gone to a nice bar to have a couple of sophisticated cocktails as an aperitif before dinner. Instead what I did was probably the equivalent of downing two pints of Carlsberg Special Brew - classy. Dinner was now ruined, as it took me at least an hour or so to recover enough to get moving again. I don't remember her being that mad at me, (I definitely would have broken up with me) and besides, she is still with me 10 years on so my charm and irresistible good looks must have won the day!

Zero 7's debut album 'When it Falls' reminds me of that weekend. I had bought it prior to our trip and it was the ideal accompaniment as it was the perfect mood setter. Two of my favourite tracks here, with stunning keyboard work on the Fender Rhodes on the gorgeous 'In the Waiting Line' and 'I Have Seen'.

Please note, that both my now wife and I did not inhale!!

Zero 7 - 'I Have Seen' (2001)

Zero 7 official site here and check out for some free Zero & downloads including their latest offering for the Talk Talk tribute album, 'Spirit of Talk Talk'

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Zero 7 - 'In the Waiting Line' / 'I Have Seen'
4/ 5


18 October 2012 at 12:22

Another top post...that 'll teach ya! maybe it was the Lizard King..yups! another sighting!!!

1 November 2012 at 21:20

Great post - glad the relationship survived this unfortunate incident :) I need to dig out this album again - aren't these tracks off Simple Things though? The vocals by Mozez and the lush strings on I Have Seen always made me think of We Have All The Time In The World. In a good way, not derivative.

1 November 2012 at 21:27

Dead right Jon! Simple Things is the debut album. Purple Haze flash back!

11 November 2012 at 10:25

Absolutely pissed myself when I read this, I feel your pain! But about the music, I love Zero 7 and I Have Seen is actually my favourite track of there's. Annoying sometimes that they are catagorised in the cheesy Chill Out section, but it does exactly what it says on the tin! You can't deny that!