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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 21/10/12 - Earlimart, Show of Hands, Mock andToof, Frank Turner

Four tracks that fluffed our pillows... What were yours?

Earlimart - 10 Years (2012)

This song features on LA based Earlimart's seventh album "System Preferences" and it got me hooked within the first 10 seconds! The Fuzzy guitar, reverb and tambourine sounds almost Mazzy Starr-esque. It is melodic, dreamy, indie-shoegazing brilliance!

Shell Hunter:-
Frank Turner - 'If Ever I Stray' (2012)

A while ago a friend of mine asked if I liked Frank Turner and I said not really. For some reason it's taken me a long time to 'get' his music. My mind was drastically changed when I saw him performing on the top of a grassy hill at the Olympics opening ceremony. I loved his shouty passion and patriot lyrics. The Olympics made me feel like I was really part of something and now I can appreciate frank's folk-punk joviality. This track makes me imagine being in a packed pub in the summer, feeling ever so slightly merry, shouting the lyrics and stomping my feet while the crowd sways like one complete organism! It's what being British is all about!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Show of Hands - Now You Know (2012)

This track is taken from Show of Hands' new album called Wake the Union (2012). They are relatively new to me but I quite like their folksy rootsy music. I went for the track Now You Know which apparently is a Festival Favourite of theirs. This track may sound a bit more commercial than most of the track on the album. But this is definitely worth a shot if you want to try something new. Check out our guest spot contributor Grumpy Shed's post on Show of Hands here....

Mock & Toof - 'Don't Work, Don't Care' (2012)

Mock & Toof are my new favourite Electronic band, all thanks to an email recommendation I received last month. Their musical style is quite difficult to pinpoint but I don't think I'd be far out if I described it as freaky electronica. A bit like a futuristic Tom Tom Club (certainly on first album 'Tuning Echoes') or a 'madder' Moloko. Should David Lynch's Eraserhead go clubbing, this is the sort of music he'd be listening to.

'Temporary Happiness' is the second album to be released from the London duo, with atmospheric vocal numbers interspersed with instrumental house tracks, some of which have a definite early 90's acid tinged feel to them, makes it hugely enjoyable and way off centre! 'Don't Work, Don't Care', is one of the more sombre offerings from the album and my personal favourite, it reminds me a bit of a 'darker' Little Dragon and that's alright with me!

Free download of their single 'Sleeper' from Soundcloud here....

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 21/10/12 - Earlimart, Show of Hands, Mock andToof, Frank Turner
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23 October 2012 at 07:57

Liking the Earlimart track. I have a couple of their albums, but had no idea that they were still going.