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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 28/10/12 - Tame Impala, Kasper Bjørke, The Villagers, Mystery Jets

Three hot tracks that got past the Hottie police this week. What were yours?

Kasper Bjørke - 'Bohemian Soul' featuring Laid Back

This is a brilliant piece of bleak minimalist electronica I stumbled across from Danish DJ, Kasper Bjørke. Perfect for wallowing in the dreich, cold nights on the weekend that the clocks go back. All this Whilst my parents and sister are off cavorting around a balmy Thailand for a fortnight. So how poignant that the intriguing video accompanying this song tracks the day in the life of a 'lady boy' called Bam Bam. I think it's part of a wider documentary which the director was filming whilst touring Thailand, using Kasper's atmospheric track as the perfect soundtrack.

It does remind me of a family holiday to Thailand in the early 90's, when I was a hormonal and naive (still am) teenager. On a night out we stopped at a bar off the 'red light district' after dinner to watch the world go by, it was certainly an eye opener. My evening got a little more interesting when I was flanked by two beautiful leggy Thai girls with more bosom a 15 year old could wish for. One on my knee and one stroking my leg, I couldn't believe my luck, if a little uncomfortable at my smirking parents who then politely told them to move along. Wait until I tell the guys back home I thought, I had pulled two lovely girls who were still giving me the eye from across the room. That was until my dad whispered into my ear that they were in fact two 'lady boys' from the nearby cabaret. A useful life lesson for a boy embarking on manhood on avoiding 'Crying Game' type situations in the future...awkward!

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The Villagers - The Waves (2012)

This is the first single off The Villagers second album 'Awayland' which is due for release in Jan 2013. It's got a different feel than their debut album, 2010's "Becoming a Jackal", however Conor O'Briens lyrical mastery is still evident - yet another of Ireland's many gems!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Tame Impala - Elephant(2012)


Here is another new one, well to me anyway. Most of the album Lonerism (2012) was recorded solo by Kevin Parker. Looks as if he has done the lot all by himself. I always find with these recordings by one person, that it kind of shows and there appears to be something lacking but maybe that is just me. Saying that there are some excellent tracks on this album and I have chosen Elephant, it's a winner with it's driving beat you won't forget.

Shell Hunter:-
Mystery Jets - 'The Hale Bopp' (2012)

Listening to X-Posure on XFM the other day, I heard this new Mystery Jets single and was under the impression it was called 'Saviour'. Once I started to prepare my track of the week post, I was in a panic as I couldn't find it anywhere! Could I have imagined it?! I was disappointed but featured another song instead. Later that week I was compiling some tracks for my holiday playlist which needed a 'newy' and I thought I'd refresh my search for the song that I loved after only hearing once. It had a funky almost Austin Powers 60s feel and I was itching to hear it again. I went through the entire album track by track and found it! Only it was called The Hale Bop, how could I be such a bone head? Anyway, now the Mystery Jets can rest easy as they have been awarded the prestige of being included as my top choice of new track on my holiday playlist!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 28/10/12 - Tame Impala, Kasper Bjørke, The Villagers, Mystery Jets
4/ 5


9 November 2012 at 12:39

Tame impala, "has done the lot on his own",not a problem when the tracks are as good as this. Pick of the week, I immediately got the album.

11 November 2012 at 11:06

What a mega selection this week! Top choices!
Fly - great song and even better video...ahh brings me back!
Sfw - What an epic!! I love it!
Pa - how can you say there is something lacking? It's great and I'll also be checking it out.