Tuesday, 23 October 2012

TUESDAY BLUES! Jerry Douglas / Mumford & Sons - The Boxer

Mumford & Sons / Jerry Douglas - The Boxer (2012)

Everyone's favourite furniture removal company are back with their second album "Babel" and I must say that I've been really impressed.  Not only is the album a superb follow up to their debut, this bonus track is included on their deluxe/spotify release and features Dobro Guitar maestro Jerry Douglas.
If you are a fan of the Simon & Garfunkel original (or even other versions by Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and Wayon Jennings) you should be smitten when listening to this version.  With Jerry Douglas' guitar and Marcus Mumford singing, it brings the song into 2012 yet still honours the original.

As a subnote, Mumfords Ben Lovett set up Communion Records in 2009 (Mumford and Sons, Johnny Flynn, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Howard etc) and are one of the most influential labels in the UK at the moment.  (You must subscribe to their free weekly sampler here!)

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TUESDAY BLUES! Jerry Douglas / Mumford & Sons - The Boxer
4/ 5