Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Lloyd Cole - Brand New Friend

MIDWEEK CRISIS what a boring holiday, come to WEDNESDAY CLUB we've got Lloyd Cole, the British Navy and Captain Morgan himself to liven things up!


LLOYD COLE - Brand New Friend (1985)

It was relaxing the food was good, even the beer was drinkable (Tusker and Whitecap) the entertainment was ok and consisted of some locals with grass skirts chanting and jumping up and down. I was enjoying myself, but to be honest I was a little bored and I should not have said it,  but I did.

My wife rushed in to our room and shouted  'if your bored! Get dressed and get down to the Bar!, the Navy are here' .

That was it!  they took us over completely, not that we need much encouragement! Every night they came round for us and took us out or we stayed in the Hotel and listened to music (my trusty tape recorder and someone liked my music) and drank and drank and drank. The story goes that one night Michele my wife out drank the British Navy, and she did! We were still standing at breakfast amongst the debris of bodies all around the place.

HMS Southampton

Other nights we watch the world cup matches, England v Argentine sticks in mind the 'hand of god'. They brought crates of beer. I played squash with their best players and always we ended up in the bar afterwards. One evening, a huge and I mean huge puff adder came into the bar, it ended up over one of the fans along with someones underpants.

The highlight was when we were invited on board the ship for 'open day'. they showed us around the ship, showed us where the nuculeur weapons were kept (what nucleur weapons), then they took us to the mess. It was total devistation,  I met an officer who came from a town 15 mile from where I was born. He was into Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. I had a 'Brand new Friend' it was exactly what I was into and he put the album on. I was in my element. So much so Captain Morgan himself had to get me escorted off the Boat and his personal driver deposited me back to the Hotel.

'Join the Navy if you Fail'

No way!

These guys were great. They were all NCO's (Non Commisioned Officesrs). We were in good in Hands and they always looked after 'their lads' but still enjoyed themselves.

I could tell you more???...........'but 'it's all down Hill'

Later when we got out film developed there were many strange photos of  'bare butts' and  'willys', I have used the trick many times since, especially at weddings and funerals.  

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Lloyd Cole - Brand New Friend
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31 October 2012 at 13:05

Great tales OPC - I hope this year's holiday is a little more restrained! Excellent tune.

5 November 2012 at 18:57

Hmmm, and what did you do with the kids whilst all this was happening? Very funny, I was 12 and very much on the periphery but remember the abridged version of events. Fantastic song! I wonder if no. 27 in the charts is as memorable as this song.

11 November 2012 at 10:29

Bloody hell! I remember this track! great song! What a story, made me laugh and I wonder the same thing as Flycasual, where the hell was your 3 year old daughter?? I seem to remember the mess on the ship and one of the guys had a fluffy dog that I was being amused with.