Thursday, 1 November 2012

DYLAN COVERS #73 The Seekers/New Seekers - Blowin' in the Wind

An Aussie Band
THE SEEKERS - Blowin' in the Wind

I liked the Seekers they knocked out quite a few good tracks in the sixties, Il Never Find Another You, Morningtown Ride and Georgy's Girl. They have a couple of versions of 'Blowin in the Wind', this one and a live version. This one is quite acceptable in a Peter, Paul and Mary sort of way. Put it this way, it is a whole lot better than the following hideous version by the New Seekers. They were formed by one member of the original group and morphed into a poppy outfit  I would like to teach the world to sing. Remember that Coke advert?  
THE NEW SEEKERS - Blowin' in the Wind (1972)

The hideous version is by the New Seekers and can be found on their album Circles.

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DYLAN COVERS #73 The Seekers/New Seekers - Blowin' in the Wind
4/ 5


2 November 2012 at 09:14

Judith Durham had a great voice. I have a soft spot of The Seekers - all good clean fun and 'Georgy Girl' is simply wonderful. As for the New Seekers - that version is truly an abomination. Keep them coming, sir.

3 November 2012 at 08:17

I honestly thought it couldn't get any worse than Telly Savalas...but I was wrong! Who on earth thought the New Seekers version was a good idea?