Saturday, 3 November 2012


Kosheen - 'Hide U' (2001)

Some of best concerts I've been to are the ones that I didn't intend to see. I was at V Fest 2001, sitting in the sunshine waiting for Counting Crows and we arrived early to get a decent spot. Another group had just started and I was instantly mesmerised with their energy and every single track seemed to be a winner! There were hints of drum'n'bass, trip hop, break beat and it wasn't what I'd normally listened to, being a big Indie fan at the time. I hate to admit it but after Kosheen had performed, I was so pumped up, Counting Crows were not the group that should have followed, it was a little bit of an anti climax. As soon as I was back from the festival, Bristol band, Kosheen's debut album Resist was what I went to buy and it was on a permanent rotation for a long while.

The Mackenzie Clan's favourite album

Later that year, I went to a friends 18th birthday do, in my regular haunt 'The Rifleman' pub in Hounslow. The choice of music being played was dire at best and I was fast becoming bored. All of a sudden, the DJ slipped on 'Hide U' by Kosheen and my ears pricked up like a meerkat causing me to run straight to the dance floor and start jumping up and down, exactly like the Lead singer Sian Evans had whilst on stage. The song seemed to be from the DJ's private stash as he had become bored himself, probably thinking no one was really listening as most had vacated to the main bar area. For 3 minutes, I forgot where I was and really enjoyed hearing this track loud with the bass really kicking. After the song finished and I was brought back down to earth, I decided to buy the DJ a drink as a thank you for improving my evening. He mistook this as some sort of come on and didn't leave me alone the rest of the evening, trying to blind me with music mixing jargon that didn't interest me in the slightest! 

Don't be too nice to the DJs love, they won't leave you alone, look!

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4 November 2012 at 11:00

Great post. It's a great album, I think Recovery is my fav on that album but there are a few. It's happened to me a few times where I'd go see a band and the support act that I'd never heard of was actually better. Most recently I think it was Seun Kuti and he was supported by a group (I can't remember the name) who did a fusion of electro and Malian music. It was so good I immediately went to buy the CD at the interval so that I could hold it. As for the DJ, that'll teach you to buy geeks drinks!

11 November 2012 at 10:17

I agree it is often worthwhile to see at least some of the support act in the hope of a surprise. I loved the Brakes who were supporting Ben Folds and I wish I could remember the name of the reggae group that supported Zion Train at Vikram's Occasions Palace.