Thursday, 15 November 2012

EL-P - 'Drones Over BKLYN' / Lushlife - 'Magnolia'


Fresh-ish Hip Hop joints that made me cruise around Camberley, in my Peugeot family saloon....Yes Yes Y'all!!

EL-P - Drones Over BKLYN' (2011)

I meant to post this awhile back when I was listening to El Producto's incredible 4th album, 'Cancer 4 Cure', one of the best Hip Hop albums I have heard in years. Brooklyn's EL-P has been at the forefront of the Alt-rap scene for many years and his latest offering (released in May this year) sees his production and lyrical flow as innovative as ever, an artist on top of his game. The superb 'Drones Over BKLYN' is a haunting and claustrophobic track with beats Public Enemy's mighty Bomb Squad would be proud of, with a Prince-esque guitar solo to finish off with. Drones over Camberley, Dr-dr-drones over Camberley....

EL-P's Cancer for the Cure blog here....
and EL-P @ Def Jux records

Lushlife - 'Magnolia' (2012)

I came across this as a happy accident during a short break at work, whilst briefly browsing music blog behemoth, Stereogum. I returned to my duty refreshed and full of spunk, with my faith in Hip Hop fully restored. Laidback with a psychadelic vibe, it's lush strings are held together with old skool beats but it's Raj Haldar's (aka Lushlife) intelligent rhyming and expert delivery which is the clincher. On top of this, you have a fantastic and innovative video al la 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' (Hip Hop's first record??) with the lyrics of the song displayed on cardboard boxes atop people's heeds. Lushlife hails from Philidelphia and Magnolia is taken from the album 'Plateau Vision', which will have me rooting round the back of Argos looking for cardboard boxes fo sho!

Lushlife @ Western Vinyl records.....
and on Soundcloud here...

Box Clever!

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EL-P - 'Drones Over BKLYN' / Lushlife - 'Magnolia'
4/ 5


15 November 2012 at 10:12

Two stunners but in different ways....who says hip hop is dead?...great video, a lot of work went in to that one...little boxes, little boxes all made out of ticky tacky.

15 November 2012 at 16:55

Not my usual bag, but this is great and made even better by a really cool & clever vid.

16 November 2012 at 17:31

Both very different as OP says. I absolutely love the Lushlife track and video! That's a find, love the harp and it gives a whole new meaning to recycling, word!