COVER NERD! - Pearl Jam - 'Last Kiss'

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We welcome back Neal (AKA London Scouser or Neo), our very own Covers Nerd! Keep an eye out for his posts which will feature his favourite covers old and new! Are there any we should know about?? 

Pearl Jam - 'Last Kiss' (1998)

I was nervous, I wanted to impress but I also wanted to show off a little. I was going on holiday with my girlfriend (now wife) and her parents for the first time. We made a now customary holiday CD and had to choose 4 songs each.

My choices were Del Amitri - Just Before You Leave, Alice In Chains - No Excuses. Both of which have been previously featured on Tune Doctor. My third was David DeVant & His Spirit Child - Ginger (not my finest moment) and this song by (nearly) everyone's favourite Seattle band.
On the first couple of plays of the CD, I hadn't got the reception I'd hoped for especially from Shell Hunter. I guess it wasn't what you'd expect from Pearl Jam. But now I'm pleased to say that the song is very well received by all parties. I later discovered it was originally by Wayne Cochran in the early 60's.

I'd bought the song on a CD single which had a double A side with the song Soldier Of Love. It was a Fan Club single release and both tracks featured on a charity album called No Boundaries: A Benefit For The Kosovar Refugees.

Oh where oh where can PJ be?

The holiday had many great memories from the Chav's on board the aircraft who thought they could freestyle rap (they so couldn't) to the Pub Quiz at a bar (which will remain nameless) that ended with Old Pa saying the line "by the way, love the hair" (which I'm sure he paraphrased from Hannibal) to the bar owner as we left. Oh and not to forget the breaking of the white plastic chair. Old Pa again !!!

NERD ALERT! - In the film Singles, the members of Citizen Dick (Matt Dillon's band) were played by the guys in Pearl Jam!



Top Tune...and not to forget Corky's Bar. No longer with us I am afraid....Oh! the pub Quizz(swingers bar) acording to Old Ma!

flycasual said...

Oh these chairs!! Cover it! Also, as a side note, if you type Neo in a phone the predictive text spells men! Eh hem, anyways vis a vis the song, if you were trying to impress you should have gone down the safe route and have chosen 'Alive'. If I know Shell Hunter, you would have had her hook, line and sinker. Done and dusted!

Of course I could have gone for the crowd faves, but I wanted to impress and hey I got da girl in the end

flycasual said...

Yeah eventually but it could have been done sooner!!

As far as I'm concerned, I had her at "Hello". But maybe you need to ask the lady.