Monday, 24 December 2012


HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all at Tune Doctor!!!

Lou Rawls - 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' (1967)

"The elf on the shelf has his eye on you little man...always, even in August and there's still time for him to report back to Santa".

Naughty list, good list, toy TV adverts, Slade's 'It's Christmas' on repeat, strobe like fairy lights and the bloody Cadbury's Advent calendar that gives him an almighty sugar rush at 0730 in the morning before his assault on nursery. I'm sure the Christmas frenzy is messing with his brain, turning my cherub into a marauding little tyrant. I blame the parents, I'm just as worked up as he is, a chance to relive my youth which just adds to all the hysteria. Jazz/Soul singer Lou Rawls, gets the nod for his rendition of this Yuletide classic, if only for the verse near the end telling the kids not too blow it!! A phrase I have used all to often in December...

Old Pa's Corner:-
Van Morrison - 'Glad Tidings'


Is it possible to follow up the Astral Weeks?, It sure is,  The Moondance  album is as good,  in the same way as Blonde on Blonde is to Highway 61 Revisited or Sargent Pepper is to Revolver. This festive treat is taken from the Moondance. Check the full album out, there will be no disappointment, guaranteed.

Shell Hunter:-
Augie Rios - 'Donde Esta Santa Claus?' (1958)

It wouldn't be Christmas without this classic! I used to love it growing up and I still do now. I can't believe its so old! Christmas used to be such an exciting time but the older you get, the less that Christmassy feeling washes over you. Having to go to work whilst everyone around you has a nice few days off is also a bummer. But despite this "Bah Humbug" attitude, I will be donning my Santa hat at the airport and trying to inject a bit of Christmas cheer into the office. I will be fuelling myself with as many mince pies and Quality Street chocs that I can stomach and will look forward to rushing home to down my first glass of champers and rip open my pressies! Merry Christmas everyone and here's to a very prosperous New Year to all!

Bob Dylan - 'It Must Be Santa'

This lyrical play on all things Holidays never stops to make me smile and is a must for the Christmas Playlist.  This 'jig', is somewhere in between The Pogues and Highway 61, and if it doesn't make you want to tap your feet, drink Mulled Wine and get Merry, you need to watch Elf and re-discover your Christmas spirit!

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24 December 2012 at 18:02

Great choices have not heard the Loo Rolls one before...The Bobby one i used on his 70th is classic. my type of party...apparently Bob, Leonard C and Tom W and doing a follow up Xmas album...bring it on if it is true...sounds like a 'Snow over Intersate 80' rumour....must be good to get a good version of that one SH.

26 December 2012 at 11:51

For me Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without 'Donde Estas Santa Claus', that's the song I remember the most growing up and laughing to it. (That and Nana Mouskouri's 'little Toy Trains' I think). Max now knows the song too which is nice. His fav apart from Slade's shouty bit is this Dylan classic!!