SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Blur - 'Far Out' / Darwin Deez - 'Constellations'

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Blur - 'Far Out' (1994)

There's nothing better than gazing up in awe and seeing a fantastic array of glistening stars on a clear night, one of the many benefits of living in Camberley. I have on many occasion, been in mid conversation with my husband getting out of the car behind him and am dumbstruck by the friendly familiarity in certain constellations...Orion and the Big Dipper. I am left standing in the car park in some kind of Sky at Night Stupor! The only reason I know so many star names is because of this sparkly number. I was always impressed with the lyrics of this track from Blur, the way the star names rolled off the tongue and flowed like poetry. It's a crime in a way that it is so short but in another way it's great because I was able to sneak it onto almost every car mix tape I made. When there wasn't enough room on the end of the side for a full song, I always slipped this one on which fitted perfectly every time! 

Darwin Deez - 'Constellations' (2009)

I wasn't sure of Darwin Deez at first. The first single I heard was 'Radar Detector' and that grated on me a bit as it became overplayed, but as soon as I heard this, I loved it. Being a wannabe astronomy geek, one mention of 'constellations' and that's it! It reminds me of a BBQ I had earlier this year with a group of friends from work. Once the sun had finally set and the candles were lit, it was all eyes on the sky. Not everyone's idea of fun but good old DJ Biltong Man (his guest posts here) had an app on his iPhone to monitor the progress and whereabouts of the NASA Space Station. With a few huffs and puffs from the non enthusiasts, we all waited for it. There was much speculation as to which moving 'spec' it was, mostly which plane it wasn't! Sure enough, it was spotted rising from the horizon, a smooth moving and surprisingly bright and swift light. Amazing to think there are a few guys up there living off dehydrated food packs and vacuum toilets. Not so glamourous but the view must be to die for. It makes you feel rather small and insignificant. Whilst looking for the station, myself and another friend saw a shooting star! It reduced us to dithering idiots awing and cooing. I'm not ashamed to say it was pretty awesome!


I'm all spaced out after that galaxy extravaganza...all very interesting...good post 'tho

flycasual said...

It's a bit frustrating with all the light pollution we get around here but these frosty nights are good as it is so clear. On the way to work at 4am, it's so quiet and you do see quite a bit of sky. Both great songs, I was well into 'Constellation' a year or so a go, what a cad mr Deez is, he sports a good look. As for the Blur song, another fav because of the subject and one of best tape filler ever. Apart from the playstation theme to Tomb Raider 1 and Cannon Fodder on the Megadrive!

Shell Hunter said...

Oh yeah! I forgot about them two!