SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - The Charlatans - 'Then'

17:59 Shell Hunter 4 Comments

The Charlatans - 'Then' (1990)

It was Reading Festival '99 and as is customary with music festivals we had spent most of the day drinking warm cider and catching the bands that we loved. As the day drew to a close, I really wanted to see The Charlatans who were headlining the main stage. My best friend at the time looked like she had had more than her fill of booze when I suggested we head over to see the final band of the night. I was practically holding her up and she begged me to take her back to our tent or 'HQ' as we affectionately called it. Our other friends had already retired for a night cap but I was adamant I was going to see them perform my favourite track of theirs. I promised her that as soon as they played Then, I would escort her back. Selfishly I was really enjoying the gig, they played all their hits whilst she was swaying and half stumbling besides me. Again she pleaded, Please lets go back, I fell like sh*t! I said, they should be playing it soon, its their best song after all. After watching the whole set, the band walked off. Surely they will play it for their encore? They came back and thrashed out a couple more corkers, every one was a winner. I waited patiently for the intro to start, but it never came! I was robbed! My mate was pretty pissed off that I had forced her to stay the entire gig for a song that never came! Gutted!

Wake up, The Charlatans are on mate!

The Charlatans and especially Then, reminds me so much of growing up in Saudi and fond memories of sitting with my parents whilst they were having drinks in our home made bar. I put it on our recent holiday playlist and it was met with approving comments. A classic of all classics and I still think its a fantastic song, worthy of playing as their last encore, even if the band didn't on the night!

We're so pretty, oh Vanity!


Did you find your way back to HQ...nothing worse when that song never comes

The Swede said...

Great story and tune! Did she ever forgive you?

Shell Hunter said...

Pa- we made it back, quite amazing we were able to find it every time amongst the sea of tents!
The Swede- hmm now that you mention it, I don't think we've spoken much for a good 10 years now!

flycasual said...

An absolute classic, I haven't heard this in ages. I remember hunting this down and buying the 7 inch single when I never had a record player, I just had to have it. Love the video too. Can't believe they never played this track though.