Sunday, 2 December 2012

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/12/12 - How to Destroy Angels, Jose Gonzalez,Temples, The Wallflowers

Four tracks that packed the heat into our long johns this week!

Shell Hunter:-
Temples - 'Shelter Song' (2012)

Picture yourself on a boat on a river...I think you know where I'm going with this. This deliciously 60's number from Temples is their debut single released on 12th November on Heavenly Recordings who are responsible for other favourites of mine such as Doves and St.Etienne. When I first heard it, asides from reminding me of greats like The Beatles and The Byrds, I can picture a bunch of rockin' hippies skipping around a hillside! I really enjoy this type of retro sounding production that I find also with my favourite group The Bees. I read that the band have described their sound as 'neo- psych' and I'm itching to hear more so I can enjoy another trip!

How To Destroy Angels - 'Keep It Together'

There's nothing better than a bit of darkness to get you in the mood for the day you visit Santa and put up the Christmas tree. Apocalyptic soundscape (preppers would be proud) courtesy of Trent Reznor's side project, the aptly titled, How To Destroy Angels (my wife will not be proud). There's some commentary that the female vocalist, which is his wife, can't sing or is ill suited to his style of music. Nonsense I say, it provides sweet and sour contrast to Trent's stark compositions (which I always look forward to) and it seems to work very well for say Massive Attack, so there! This is taken from the new EP called 'An Omen' (oh dear, I hope this doesn't make the Xmas playlist as we put up the bobbles) which is pretty good if you like to read your Sunday papers with a face on.

Find out How To Destroy Angels here....and download their debut EP on Soundcloud for free, that's very festive indeed!!

Jose Gonzalez - Far Away

I don't know how controversial it will be using a re-released track as my TOTW, but I'm going to do it anyway.  Used originally in the game Red Dead Redemption, it has now been released on Spotify, iTunes etc.  I highly recommend listening to it through headphones whilst doing xmas shopping, it drowns out the zombie hordes. Beautiful.

Old Pa's Corner:-
The Wallflowers - Reboot the Mission (2012)

This is great from the Wallflower's new album, their first together for 7years. In between this period,  Jakob Dylan has had a couple of very successful solo albums. 

If only daddy 'still' possessed such a great solo voice!!

The new album is called Glad All Over(2012)  (Nothing to do with Dave Clark Five).
Guesting on the track is none other than Steve Jones from the Clash and B.A.D. You can easily spot the nod to both these groups (but especially think Magnificent 7).
This is a top album and worth a shot. One off the best I have heard this year for consistency,.  Mick J also features on another track too.

Eyes on the price Please!.  
The mighty Jo Strummer!  indeed!

Hey have a listen to our Spotify Track of the Week playlist, perfect for doing the ironing to!!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/12/12 - How to Destroy Angels, Jose Gonzalez,Temples, The Wallflowers
4/ 5


2 December 2012 at 14:43

SH - great stuff...could be the Coral
FC - I thought he had album out with same project and there were a few excellent tracks. Must be somthing else..nice and dark 'tho
SFW - Zombie Hoards, I like it! also like the track!

7 December 2012 at 10:53

Loving this Temples tune (& vid) Shell Hunter, thanks for the intro.

13 December 2012 at 17:31

Old Pa, what a brilliant song that is from the Wallflowers, excellent video to boot too. Is all his stuff too or just this track with it's ode to the Clash?

SH, certainly interesting, a real grower but all I can think of is all these bloody hippies up a hill.

Sfw, naturally I love this as I absolutely adored the game, one of the best games I have ever played. So atmospheric, I know I badgered you to play it and you ploughed your way through it without the same results. Jose had a great style, really like his Junip stuff.