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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 09/12/12 - Gabriel Bruce, Masters In France,Evitan,The Lumineers

Four tracks that busted our chops this week. What were yours??

Old Pa's Corner:- 
Gabriel Bruce - Perfect Weather (2012)


This is all a bit dramatic even the video is a bit odd, you are waiting for the poor lad to jump. But I like it and after a couple of hearings I found myself singing along to the very catchy chorus. There are elements of  a Van Morrison song in some of the backing too.  I am not that familiar with Gabriel Bruce but I like his Nick Cavesque vocals. I am a sucker for these dark vocal singers in the Ian Curtis, Stuart Staples mould. I can't get enough. Apparently he has a new album out shortly so I will be looking out for it.  

Whats the weather like with you?. I look out I see a clear blue sky and it is very warm. Perfect Weather, I say!

Shell Hunter:-
Masters In France - 'Playin' With My Friends' (2012)

When watching the telly, I usually flick channels during the boring adverts but not for this one. I loved this track with its funky bass line and cowbell. Ok the vocals sound a bit like Gorillaz but don't use that against them! The video is pretty cool and compliments the track nicely, also being in the top ten of most viral tracks in the UK! It reminds me of when I was a little 'un and thought my toys were alive. Make sure you never say anything bad about them to their faces, who knows what they'll do to you in your sleep, I used to think! Anyway, the band Masters In France are not from France, but in fact from Bangor in Wales. They're working on a new single called Flexin which should be released early next year. Bring it on I say!

Evitan - 'Hot Damn' (2012)

From the late eighties to the early nineties the Native Tongues were a popular Hip Hop collective and probably the most successful one of all time. They consisted of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep to name a few. So when I was on a Diet Coke break the other day and I read that Dres (one half of Black Sheep) and Jarobi (sometime member of ATCQ) had released an album under the name Evitan (native backwards), I burped with excitement. That's huge news for an ageing Hip Hop head like myself. Dres was always renowned for his unique style and clever wordplay and it's fantastic to hear he hasn't lost any of that fervour. Whilst Jarobi was an early member of ATCQ, responsible for a number of their popular tracks, he never did rhyme so it's a nice surprise to hear him here. It's a great track, chorus especially as they both sing lines from each others respective hits from back in the day. Old schoolers, still sounding fresh and showing some of the current pretenders out there how it's done.

official site here....

Lumineers - Stubborn Love (2012)

The roots revival of the last few years has introduced the masses to Banjo-Pop.  Led by Mumford & Sons/Arcade Fire, The Lumineers have added to this genre with their excellent self-titled debut, The Lumineers.  With two Grammy Nominations, The Lumineers, are also gaining attention in their homeland. If I had my way, this would be a must-play at the Works Xmas party Hootenanny!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 09/12/12 - Gabriel Bruce, Masters In France,Evitan,The Lumineers
4/ 5


9 December 2012 at 11:31

SH - I still talk to my Andy Murray doll...plesant enough and does sound a bit like to Gs
FC - a burp with excitement!...steady! will give diet coke a bad name...this flows quite nicely 'tho!
SFW - I have been listening to these guys quite a lot lately some really good stuff there!