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WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Walker Brothers - The Sun ain't gonna shine any more/No Regrets

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No Regrets

WALKER BROTHERS - 'The Sun Ain't Gona Shine any More' (1966)

Phil Spector may be locked up in a prison somewhere but his legacy remains. This is as good as it gets in the pop/rock world, as far as I am concerned. It is so good you never get tired of hearing it, it has got the lot. Fabulous backing and a magnificent lead singer, in the great Scott Engel, it is another one of those which I would call a perfect pop record.

The Walkers knocked out some pretty good ones in the mid-sixties, 'My Ship is Coming in', 'Make it Easy on Yourself'. They were I suppose, in there time a bit of a girlie group but they had some great songs and I liked them too.

When I lived in Inverness in the sixties we did not get too many groups visiting us but we did get the Walker Brothers but unfortunately Scott had left by then. There was John who stood out like a beacon with his backing band who seemed like a hand picked pimply bunch to make him look good. (sorry guys no disrespect meant). The concert was pretty much a disaster really, how can you have the Walker Brothers without Scott. It was like the Stones without Jagger or British Tennis without Andy Murray! I could not resist that one!

They briefly reformed in 1975 and did an album with a sublime version of probably the greatest break up song ever, Tom Rush's 'No Regrets'. click to hear that Gem.  

Scott went on to do some very interesting solo albums which were more Tom Waits than ???

WALKER BROTHERS - 'No Regrets' (1975)

Click to hear the Walker Brothers covering Dylan

And for the good news all you Scott Fans, he has a new album out now called Bish Bosch. Click here to see a video from it and further info...

For more Wednesday Club easy on your self

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Walker Brothers - The Sun ain't gonna shine any more/No Regrets
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13 December 2012 at 11:22

The great pop songs of the 60s had such heaviocity. In the 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore', the wall of sound in the intro never fails to get my total attention, and once Scott sweeps in with 'Loneliness', it's ecstasy all the way to the end. Back then, we'd just lift up the arm on our turntable and let it play all night.

13 December 2012 at 12:34

Brendan - perfectly said...these were the about another Dylan Guest spot ??