DYLAN COVERS #85 Townes Van Zant - Man Gave Names to all the Animals/Little Willie the Gambler

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God gave us Townes Van Zant

TOWNES VAN ZANT - Little Willie the Gambler (1993)

Here are two fabulous covers by the late great Townes Van Zant and both are taken from his 1993 album 'Road Songs' The title 'Little Willie the Gambler' is slightly changed from the original Dylan title of 'Ramblin' Gambling Willie'

The track was originally set to be on the 'Freewheelin' album and some early copies were actually released along with several other tracks. It appears only a handful were released with these different songs and the album was quickly withdrawn.  Have a check and if you have a copy.  I will give you £100 for it, cash.

No! I would not do that to fellow Dylan Lover, would I?.  Copies of that album would make you very rich indeed. The song by Dylan  can now be found on the Bootleg Series Vol 1-3.

The next one is a cover of  'Man Gave Names to all the Animals' from 'Slow Train Running'. 

TOWNES VAN ZANT - Man Gave Names to all the Animals (1993)

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Singing Bear said...

Townes and Bob = perfection. I actually prefer Townes's version of 'Man Gave Names...'.

The Swede said...

Nice choices Old Pa. I think SB has a point about 'Man Gave Names to All the Animals.'

SB/TS - SB you could be right but remember NSDLD.