SATURDAY NIGHT JUKEBOX! - Temple Of The Dog - 'All Night Thing'

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Temple Of The Dog - 'All Night Thing' (1991)

This is a lot slower and more subdued then I normally feature on SNJ but it has to be one of my all time favourite songs sang by my, without a doubt, all time favourite rock voice, Chris Cornell. There is something about his voice that burrows deep within my soul. I mentioned a long while back that the album Temple Of The Dog (check my previous post here) would make ladies go weak at the knees at parts. Well, I think I had this song in mind when I said that. The version featured in the video is an acoustic version that Chris did in recent years, but this is the sort of song you need to hear naked and sparse (musically!).

Sorry love, can't talk, I've got to get up for my early at LHR

I told a friend of mine she looked knackered at work the other day on my early shift. She told me she didn't have a wink of sleep but she had a smile on her face. After questioning her, she told me she had stayed up all night 'talking' with a guy she had fancied for ages but only just started seeing. Despite being sleep depraved, she was walking on air! She had made a serious emotional connection and it was an All Night Thing! It made me think back to times when I had stayed up all night talking, not about anything in particular either, it was just free flow. Or even when I wake up in the middle of the night and can hear LS stirring (or snoring), an impromptu conversation sometimes can enjoyably last a few hours (providing no one is on an early shift!). It is pretty powerful knowing you are the only 2 people alive that know what was exchanged at the time. This song perfectly communicates the beauty of being just the two of you, alone in the dark and 'no one else can make it end'. Perfect.


That is a really beautiful post and great song and I agree he is up there in the voice argument. (big number to watch?)

I actually read it again...the girl with the smile on her face but with sleep deprevation...I love it! ....the power of lust!!!

Shell Hunter said...

Thanks pa, it is a great song, part of a great album! Can you remember back to those days of talking all night?!

flycasual said...

Great song! He definitely has one of the best rock voices fo sho. Real nice sentiment to this post, I'm all fuzzy inside.

Seeing him live in Vegas was one of the best gigs I've been to. I expected Soundgarden & Audioslave but to hear Temple Of The Dog was an added bonus. I'm proud of the fact that I introduced you to the wonderments of TOTD