Sunday, 6 January 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 06/01/13 - Ultraista, Bob Dylan, Ed Harcourt, Foals

Four tracks that helped us recover from the festive fiscal cliff!

Ultraista - Small Talk (2012)

I only recently found out about Ultraista after reading about them last month, stating they came together through a mutual love of Afrobeat and electronic music. Wow, for me that's a perfect combination, a bit like being indefinitely fed houmous by harem of scantily clad exotic women. Yes, anyway, the London based group have Nigel Godrich (Radiohead producer) at the helm, along with singer Laura Bettinson and one time Beck drummer Joey Waronker and Small Talk is the latest single to be taken from their self titled debut album, out last October.

I wish small talk was always this enjoyable...check their website here.

Shell Hunter:-
Foals - 'Inhaler' (2012)

When I first heard this on the radio a couple weeks ago, I thought it was The Charlatans. The high pitched voice also reminded me of the part in Eddie Murphy's stand up video Raw when he pretended to be Michael Jackson having a fight in a club! Anyway, this track shows great potential for what we can expect from Foals' third album Holy Fire due out in February. Its got a funky but subtle backing but then it hits you with a wall of noise, how delightful!

Ed Harcourt - The Man That Time Forgot

One of Britain's best singer/songwriters is back with new material from his upcoming album 'Back Into The Woods'.  The album was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in under six hours and it has been quoted that it's an album riddled with remorse but there’s also a playfulness to these redemption songs.  Don't worry Ed, we haven't forgotten!  Ed also dropped by the BBC to play a couple of tracks from the Beck Song Reader sheet music album on the BBC World Service’s show The Strand, if you are a fan of Ed Harcourt or Beck it's worth a listen!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Bob Dylan - Black Cross

This is from a European only 4CD set of outtakes from 1962 & 1963, The 50th Anniversary Collection, also known as, The Copyright Extension Collection Vol. I. Only available through literally, a hand full of stores in Germany, England, France & Sweden. Most of the tracks are from The Freewheelin' sessions, and a few are from various live performances Dylan did in the early 60s.Sony releases this in Europe at the last minute to prevent the copyright on some early Dylan recordings to go expired. I have already seen a copy on E-Bay for over £1000 and with still a few days to go.  That poor chap will have egg on his face if it gets a more general release.

The track I have chosen has always been one of my favourite Dylan Bootleg tracks. It is called Black Cross and is not a Bob original. It was recorded Live in the famous Gaslight Cafe New York in 1962 (hey! thats before you were born kiddo!) The delivery and the subject matter is just 'a must hear'. This is not the full version. That is even better.  I think this should therefore qualify for a new release. Don't you think so?.

Looks to me as if there will be a few more of these releases over the next year or so.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 06/01/13 - Ultraista, Bob Dylan, Ed Harcourt, Foals
4/ 5


7 January 2013 at 07:32

Ultraista - groovy. Like to hear more.

Foals - nice but I also would like to actually have seen Michael Jackson having a fight in a club. They sounding funkier than the last time I heard them. Perhaps I missed something?

Ed Harcourt - good that he's back. I shall definitely be checking out the new record. Unsung hero.

Dylan - 'Black Cross' is one the seminal early Bob live performances (originally by beat poet hipster, Lord Buckley). Columbia are behaving in a typically cynical fashion by suddenly releasing this stuff now. I wonder what Bob thinks?

7 January 2013 at 08:12

I wouldn't have had Ultraista down as my kinda thing, but it effortlessly won me round - good find!

Blimey, Foals have beefed up their sound a bit! Looking at the American market methinks.

It must be galling to be as good as Ed Harcourt is and watch as lesser talents pick up the plaudits (and sales) year after year. I saw him live on a stiflingly hot night in 2001 & he was great. He's drifted off my radar over the past few years, but, after hearing this tune, I clearly need to check back with him.

Sounds like panic stations in Sony to me. Someone in the legal department probably got their arse kicked for not noticing this early Bob stuff was in danger of going out of copyright and this collection had to be banged out in double-quick time. Otherwise they would surely have lavishly packaged it and made a lot more money from it with a regular 'Bootleg Series' release.

7 January 2013 at 09:05

SB/TS does look like a panick release...the full version Dylan mentions Lord Buckley. Still it's good to get this stuff in good quality.

7 January 2013 at 10:23

That's exactly what I thought about the Foals...."Crikey, that's a bit heavy, they weren't like that last time round". It's a welcome sound but I think you're right about 'breaking America'.

7 January 2013 at 10:46

FC - Interesting one and like SB worthy of more listening too
SH - I was enjoying it until as you say the wall hits a bit noisy then for me.
SFW - nice to have Ed back and this is really good

7 January 2013 at 17:24

I was toying with the Foals track as my TOTW! I heard this song on Jools Holland last year and thought it was great..a new direction?

I love this Dylan track, I'm pretty sure I've heard it before...somewhere! Just as it starts to get interesting it tails off...

Ed Harcourt is another artist I've dismissed, simply because I tag it as 'not my thing'...twat!

9 January 2013 at 17:42

Inhaler made me sit up and notice Foals in a big way too. Current single "My Number" is also a belter of a track, and made me pre-order Holy Fire.

19 January 2013 at 13:00

FC- good funky beat!
OP- not bad at all from BD but will I ever be a convert?!
SFW- this is a perfect Sunday morning track, a nice soothing voice

19 January 2013 at 13:09

Jon- if this one is anything to go by, I'll be checking out My Number post haste!