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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 20/01/13 - Beach Fossils, TNGHT, Futureages, Matthew E. White, Tom Waits & Keith Richards

A five pack of the finest 100% choice tunes this horsemeat rubbish! What were your Porterhouse steak burgers?

Beach Fossils - 'Careless' (2012)

I admit it, I can't grow out of Indie Pop! Brooklyn's Beach Fossils are a band that I've sadly neglected. I loved their 2012 track Shallow and this is in the same vein - energetic, melodic, shoe-gazing brilliance!  Download Careless for free from their record label Captured Tracks

London Scouser:-
FutureAges - 'Under Order' (2012)

I’ll admit I don’t know much about FutureAges, apart from lead singer Natasha Fox’s amazing vocals in collaboration with Scroobius Pip on the song Feel It (see my previous post). To my delight I see that FutureAges released an EP at the back end of last year, which I missed at the time, but am really enjoying now. Her voice complements the rocky feel of this track. Which in my opinion needs to be heard loud to fully appreciate it. I don't usually go for female vocalists in rock as I think they are a bit naff with a few exceptions. And this band are definitely an exception. I'm gonna keep an eye out for them.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Tom Waits and Keith Richards - 'Shenandoah' (2013)


Boy oh boy! Can it get any better? A song with Tom Waits and Keith Richards together, a fantastic whiskey soaked rendition of the old classic Shenandoah. Don't be put off by Tom's voice, this is actually very, very good.  (Van Morrison also does a superb version of this song as well, accompanied by the Chieftians)

This is taken from an interesting compilation called Son of Rogues Gallery : Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys (2013) which is the follow up to Rogues Gallery : Pirate Ballads (2006) which sadly I have to say I never heard of. I will of course put this right as there are many great artists featured on both albums. Just check out the listings, there is quite an outstanding wealth of talent there. 

The idea for the project was the brainchild of Johnny Depp, apparently he thought of it while he was involved with Pirates of the Caribbean. Nice job Johnny!

TNGHT - Higher Ground (2012)

This is a prime cut, grade A piece of instrumental Hip Hop which has played havoc with the speakers of the family's Peugeot. With the annual tradition of trawling through the year's best of lists, this track kept cropping up and was the one I kept being drawn back to. I guess Hip Hop is just in the blood for me. TNGHT consists of the DJ/production skills of Montreal's Lunice (who's remixed for Azelia Banks amongst others) and Glasgow's Hudson Mohawke.  Despite (almost) being named after a terrible Bruce Willis film, Hudson Mohawke's production skills are far from disastrous and it's little wonder Hip Hop supremo, Kanye West has snapped him up to his record label. Big ting await, turn it up! TNGHT are on Warp records, check the site here...

Shell Hunter:-
Matthew E. White - 'Big Love' (2013) 

God Bless the radio, for without it, I may have missed out in discovering Matthew E. White, who I am very excited about. When I first heard Big Love, it had me wide eyed and open mouthed, it was like I got stung by the enjoyment of hearing the track unfold with the strings, the gospel choir, the sax and the guitar solo. What a fantastic arrangement! It makes me want to walk down the street with a pimp limp and stick a big feather in my hat! Big Inner is M.E.W's debut album released this year on Domino Records and after immediately listening to a few tracks, I'm convinced we're all gonna have 'Big Love' for it. From soul to folk but all instrumentally brilliant, it has a tinge of retro production about it, what's not to like?

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 20/01/13 - Beach Fossils, TNGHT, Futureages, Matthew E. White, Tom Waits & Keith Richards
4/ 5


20 January 2013 at 10:49

Lovin' Tom & Keef (don't forget Bob also did a version OPC!) and Matthew E.White, who's a new name to me. The FutureAges is not really my bag, but I do think the opening seconds of the vid are genius - it looks for all the world as if Ms Fox is preparing to deliver an acapella folk ballad before it all kicks off to nerve-shredding effect.

20 January 2013 at 20:06

Beach Fossils - I like this. Very retro, like it's '83 again.

Future Ages - I'll have to pass but it sounds like something the cubs might like.

Tom and Keith - sublime. The first volume of 'Rogues Gallery' was great so I'll be looking forward to hearing the new one.

TNGHT - If I turn the stereo in my Nissan Note up to full volume will this give me some gangsta cred? Yes, I can imagine enjoying driving to this. Wouldn't want to play it at home, though.

Matthew E. White - I've been meaning to check him for weeks, so thanks for the reminder. I read that he made the album initially as a promotional tool for his production skills. He'll be putting the day job on hold for a while, I think. Quite fascinating. Not sure how much I like it yet but I'm waiting to hear more.

22 January 2013 at 20:54

TNGHT, something for the cubs too maybe!?

22 January 2013 at 21:04

Sfw, Beach Fossils I like this, I agree with SB, very retro.
LS, this isn't bad it took a couple of listens so it's definitely a grower. Really like Natasha Fox's voice though. Female voices in rock a bit naff....a very bold statement indeed
Old Pa, whiskey soaked rendition...I like that description, this is good stuff, unique and evocative.
SH, will be checking him out fo sho', he's definitely got sumat special.

23 January 2013 at 13:49

SFW - I'm bit of sucker for this sound too...I like this a lot!
LS - this boy scout quite like this, a little bit
FC - not sure about this. Sounds a bit like Danny Elfman meets a loop!
SH - now this is interesting and I immediatly want to hear it again and more stuff

23 January 2013 at 13:56

SH - just listened to MEW track Hot Toddies one of the best endings to a song ever!

23 January 2013 at 14:56

Pa, are you talking about the actual track or the YouTube vid? It's definitely one to persevere with as it builds up nicely! Another fave of mine is Steady Pace, check it out!

23 January 2013 at 18:03

It was YouTube...I will check that out fact whole album!

27 January 2013 at 11:55

Sfw- like this, in the same vain as Shallow - loved that!
LS- could be a grower, definitely a great voice though
Pa- oh dear, I laughed out loud when I heard it, whiskey soaked is spot on
Fly - pretty good, liking the hip hop - dance vibe