WEDNESDAY CLUB - Bernard Lavilliers - Stand the Ghetto

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 WEDNESDAY CLUB today we have Steak Tartare, Tin Tin and some really cool French Reggae

Dans les rhumbars en bois

BERNARD LAVILLIERS - Stand the Ghetto(1980)

Because my wife stayed in Nice (France) for a large part of her life it was only normal we visited as much as we could. Her her mother still lived there too. I had cheap flight as I worked for British Airways in these days, so we were able to go almost when we liked.
While we were at a restaurants in Nice centre,  Flycasual used to wander off and usually end up in a book shop quite close. We always new where to find him. He would be looking at Tin Tin, Buck Dani or other books that took his interest. One day we wandered in to find him and I was brought to a standstill by the record that was playing. It was reggae but with a French accent. I had to ask who it was and ended up buying an album by Bernard Lavilliers called 'O Gringo' (1980) and the song that got me was 'Stand the Ghetto'  The album was not great but was interesting. BL was travelling the word and making music from what he heard during his travels. A bit like what Paul Simon has done in the past.

I later found an updated (not as good version on Napster ( the old Napster)). The original is the one here.
The reggae of course is not for you purests, but I love it and it brings back some good memories. You can't ask for more than that,

The Restaurant we were at that day did a beautiful Steak Tartare with salad and frites, all washed down with lashings of  Estando Rose, from the Provence. With Bernard Lavilliers, 'Stand the Ghetto'  the memory is complete.

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The Swede said...

Isn't it great how hearing the right piece of music can take you straight back to a certain place and time? That's one of the reasons we love it and keep coming back for more.

I saw the words 'french reggae' and didn't know what to expect, but it's good, Bernard's voice compliments the music well.

flycasual said...

Perfect memories. Coincidentally I was doing some research for a post on a track from a Serge Gainsbourg tribute album, full of covers from various artists. My favourite one was called 'Lola.R For Ever' by Marianne Faithfull and Sly and Robbie. I recently heard the original by Serge called 'Lola Rastaquouere', again apparently recorded whilst he was going through Jamaica and women, probably Lola. A bit iffy but not bad at all.

TS whole heartedly agree as soon as you hear certain music music you are immediately transported back in time. Music is a 'time machine'
FC Serge has done some quite good reggae I believe I have an album of it...will search it out

Singing Bear said...

The connection between music and memory is one of the things that makes music such a complete pleasure. It certainly is as close as we've some to a time machine, I think (olfactory memory is also pretty powerful). Nice Frenchy reggae sounds.

flycasual said...

Not a bad track at all!!

Shell Hunter said...

The TuneDr moto is strong in this one! Music and memories go hand in hand! I much prefer the other version featured on Michele Friendly, this one is a bit cheeseball but not unpleasant...

I remember this song featured on one of the first Spain CDs we made. At first I dismissed it as it was foreign. How wrong was I, cos its brilliant. Merci beaucoup vieux pa

flycasual said...

You'll love all the 'World Music' tracks we feature on the blog then!

sfw said...

Great story OP! Steak & Frites and Estando Rose - now that's a good idea!