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LUKE WALTER JR. - Path of a decent Groove (1996)

I popped in for a beer to a new local Belgium pub (I just love Trappist Beer dont'you, Oh! and frites and salad cream too, mmmh!)  there was no one in but me and the Bar man. Suddenly this fantastic blusey  track came on and I could not place the singer. (It was not Chris Rea). The guy was obviously playing an album by this unknown singer?. That was it! I had to know who it was. He told me it was by his favourite singer the late  Luke Walter Jr. a Belgium Blues singer. 

I could not find this album 'Back to Normal' (1996) anywhere. So the very next day I went back to the pub and asked the guy could I have a copy. I came heavely armed with a Cd of some pretty good material and offered him a swap. He was a bit reluctant to part with his prized CD even although I promised I would be back within the hour. I had copied it.(he did not have that facility) and I got back to the pub with a minute to spare. But I had it, I just had to have it.

Luk Renneboog, is better known as Luke Walter Jr., (22 November 1947 - New York, 18 June 1996) he was a Belgium blues singer and musician. In 1986 he founded the group Blue Blot  and with their second album ‘Bridge to your heart’, the group made their breakthrough.

In 1993 Luke discovered that he had leukaemia. He managed to complete his solo album  'Back To Normal' before his untimely death in 1996, where this track is taken from.

I later found out that the original is by Tony Joe White and he is actually playing on the track with Luke. Apparently they were great friends, For good measure I have included the TJW version, it is superb!. 

'Path of a Decent Groove' I reckon is a pretty good title for an album/song, up there with the best. Nice one! Tone!  
TONY JOE WHITE - Path of a decent Grove (1993)


Singing Bear said...

I've certainly not heard of Mr. Walter before but this is splendid. So sad to hear he died so young. I can well imagine this song capturing your heart so you just had to have it.

I like Tony Joe White's early stuff but haven't come across this. Really good.

Singing Bear said...

By the way, I love the fancy new set-up at Tune Dr. but is there any way you can indicate who is the author of each post? After all this time of tuning in, I'm sure I can tell but it will be helpful for all your followers, I'm sure. Great blog, as ever.

sfw said...

SB - I'll make the necessary changes! Thanks for the comments -feedback is always appreciated!

sfw said...

SB - I've just done the changes. The post author is now visible on the main page!

Singing Bear said...

Nice one, sir.

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