Saturday, 9 February 2013


Pulp - 'Sunrise' (2001)

We are about to get battered by another wave of horrible winter misery and all I keep saying to myself is, you just have to make it to March and you've cracked it. The days are getting longer and the sunrise earlier, the sun makes things feel more bearable again!

This epic track (live on old Joolsy Boy's show in 2001) gets me every time. I always thought it perfectly personified the sunrise, slow and lazy to start with then it blasts you with phenomenal unexpected power! Goosebumps for me!

I was in Spain with London Scouser visiting Old Ma when on one of our legendary pub crawls, we got talking to a guy who thought of himself as a bit of a wide boy know it all. He was an Irish bloke and doing a touring circuit of the pubs organising jamming sessions as he played guitar (he probably jammed with Jimmy too no doubt). He really tried his utmost to wow us with anything he could: general music trivia, aircraft knowledge and anything else he may have overheard us talking about but we saw him coming a mile off. He was one of those probably used to being centre of attention but our threesome gave him a good run for his money whilst having a laugh. It was great seeing his face in shock when my little ma reeled off all the weird and wonderful aircraft types she had experience with, with totally convincing knowledge and he soon shut his gob. He took a shine to us as we weren't the usual punters you get in Spain and invited us to watch him jam in a pub by the sea front we'd never been to called Dirty Nellies. Fuelled with many a drink, we agreed to go, stupidly not expecting to feel the wrath of hangover the next morning.

Later on we sort of recovered and ma said we'll just have a little scout around to look for this pub in the car. I vividly remember being in the back seat of my mum's convertible mini, with the top down, cruising the coastal road and this song came up on our holiday playlist. It was truly memorable, the sun on my face, the wind messing my hair up and me looking out to the great blue yonder. We never did find the pub but the drive was unforgettable because of this track. Never saw that bloke again either!

Jarvis, The Nerdfather and Co
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9 February 2013 at 19:07

Great stuff. Gotta love Pulp!
So funny about your self-proclaimed 'know-all', it's brilliant when you can get one (or more) over on that kind. He probably memorised all your ma's info about the aircraft etc so he can impress someone else with it now...
Very heartened by "if you can make it to March you've cracked it"... I'm definitely with you there.

9 February 2013 at 19:14

Fabulous post...hey hope you read 'Cs' last post. you would like it. What's not to like about about Pulp. I wish I could write like you and 'C'

9 February 2013 at 19:19

Haha thanks C and OP! You're right C, that bloke probably is an ex SAS aircraft specialist in his stories now! Pulp rule, wish I'd seen them live on their last tour! Maybe next time...

10 February 2013 at 10:27

I absolutely love this song, another epic. I had this song closing a playlist and it's the perfect finale. Everybody who's retired in Spain has either stormed the Iranian Embassy or shared the stage with Hendrix...fascinating!