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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 03/02/2013 - Young Fathers, I am Kloot, Soundgarden, Iron and Wine, Mark Lanegan

Five heavyweights we'd want for our musical scrum this week!

Young Fathers - 'Romance' (2013)

Andy Murray, Susan Boyle, William Wallace and you can now add Young Fathers to that illustrious list of Scottish heroes, for finally putting Scotland firmly on the Hip Hop map. It was pure serendipity that I came across the Edinburgh trio too. They have recently signed to Anticon, the California indie/experimental Hip Hop label and it was only after listening to one of the label's old samplers that I went on to their website to see what's new. Some of Anticon's stuff is good but some of it is just bloody weird, standing out from the crowd, however, were Young Fathers. Their album Tape One has just been released (Tape Two out in March) and at just over 30 minutes it was exactly what I was looking for. With atmospheric electronic beats and clever wordplay, their style reminds me of a cross between De La Soul and Massive Attack (certainly on the smoky and dubby single, Romance). Definitely worth checking out and I'll be surprised if we don't hear more from them. Fresh!

Check the Young Fathers website or for some bizarrely brilliant Hip Hop the Anticon website.... 

Shell Hunter:-
I Am Kloot - 'These Days Are Mine' (2013)

I Am Kloot where first tracked by my music appreciating radar in 2010 with their album Sky At Night, despite having been around since 2001 with 8 albums under their belt! Whenever I heard the lead singer's Neil Youngesque twang, I always pictured a gang of ZZ Top looking guys with curiously long beards from down South in the US. They are actually a neatly shaven 3 piece from Manchester, so what do I know! I really love this new track from latest album Let It All In, especially the little Arabian strings bit. It immediately reminds me of the great song 'I Think I'm In Love' by Spiritualised. It's got a hypnotising mantra sort of feel to it, one that you don't want to end! By the way if anyone knows why the band are called I Am Kloot, I'd love to know....

Have a little play around with their interactive album 
sampler for Let It All In on their

London Scouser:-

Soundgarden - 'By Crooked Steps' (2013)

Last week I featured Alice In Chains and now Soundgarden. Have I fallen down a rabbit hole and emerged in the 90's ??? God I wish, cos then I'd get to rediscover Grunge and all its grimy goodness again. What can I say about Chris Cornell that hasn't already been said on here many times. The man's voice is (and I don't use the word lightly) truly awesome. The video (directed by Dave Grohl!) cracks me up seeing the band rocking out on Segways !! Last year's King Animal crept up on me towards the latter part of the year and has been played a good few times since and will be many more times to come.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Iron and Wine - Lover's Revolution (2013)

Wow! this is a stunning track and like nothing else 'Iron and Wine' have done before. It is Jazzy and has some of the best and cleverest lyrics I have heard for some time. (check these lyrics out). There is a tension all through this song and it rises. (feel it!)

It comes from their new album 'Ghost on Ghost'  (Blonde on Blonde)  released in April. If this is a taster my appetite has been fuelled. I am not usually a jazzy sound type of  guy, but after a second hearing, I was hooked on this. My first track of the year, i'm saying!.

'Everybody said they would sign the cast'

Mark Lanegan - Red Balloon

Mark Lanegan under the influence..


"Red Balloon" features on a Tim Hardin tribute album called 'Reason to Believe - The Songs of Tim Hardin' which aims to pay homage to one of the 60's most influential, yet forgotten, folk songwriters. Early fans of his work included Johnny Cash, Robert Plant, Rod Stewart and Joan Baez who all covered his work and other notable fans include Joe Strummer, Leonard Cohen,  and Bob Dylan (who once called Hardin “the greatest songwriter alive”).

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 03/02/2013 - Young Fathers, I am Kloot, Soundgarden, Iron and Wine, Mark Lanegan
4/ 5


3 February 2013 at 14:12

Even without listening I know its gonna be a good week. I hope I'm not disappointed now !!

3 February 2013 at 14:12

FC - This is really pretty good, Andy would approve as would Willie.
SH - "I am kloot" is one of the music bands, whom name is derived from the movie "Klute" (in which a prostitute assists detective) this is a grower. Will get better with more listens
LS - Nice piece of grundge, love it
SFW - This was contender for my TOTW, pretty much a straight rendition

3 February 2013 at 19:48

I wasn't wrong...
FC - good track with a nice dirty backing
SH - I like it a lot... love the arabian sound as you say
OP - very different to the Iron & Wine I remembered from their collaboration with Calexico. Not sure yet...
SFW - the man (Mark Lanegan, I confess to not knowing Tim Hardin) is a god. Whether he is screaming or soothing I love his voice

And my (non biased) winner is... SH

9 February 2013 at 13:58

flycasual. How many times have I opened a comment on a tune you've posted with the phrase 'this is not usually my bag, but....'? I need to empty out my bag and take a look at the contents! This is very cool and intriguing.

Shell Hunter. 6music have been hammering this and quite rightly so. The Arabian string bit is what initially made me sit up and take notice too. Great tune.

London Scouser. Definitely not my bag, but thoroughly enjoyed the video. Top marks for not taking themselves too seriously - Segways! Genius!

Old Pa. Love these guys, but hadn't heard this - terrific. We'll get you into jazz yet!

SFW. Mark Lanegan singing Tim Hardin - can't fail really! He covered 'Shiloh Town' brilliantly on one of his solo albums a few years back so he's obviously a fan.

9 February 2013 at 17:45

TS - its not that i don't like Jazz its like other things better, if you know what i mean...i like everything really....i've got the same problem with food, oh! and booze, oh! and girls

15 February 2013 at 10:07

SH, an epic song which gets better after every listen and you are right to compare it to 'I Think I'm in Love'.

LS, not bad at all, funny video. It's good that they don't take themselves too seriously.

Old Pa, very interesting stuff and an unusual change, I'd never have thought it to be Iron and Wine.

Sfw, Love this, got the album this is from and should prob listen to the Harding originals.

17 February 2013 at 16:50

Fly- love this especially the dub drums when they kick in every now and again
LS- great riffage and Chris is a god, end of
Pa- wow this is different and I like it! The rest of the album like this too?
Sfw- what a great song and it sounds familiar so maybe I knew the original. Strange hearing mr lanegan with a soft voice too