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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 10/02/13 - Junip, Tame Impala, Palma Violets, Filthy Boy, Professor

Five tracks that kept our Dreamliner flying this week...what were yours?

Junip - Line of Fire

Ever since I heard Crosses, I've been a fan of Jose Gonzalez and I could listen to his gentle vocals and exquisite guitar playing all day! His band Junip add further ingredients to the mix and Line of Fire features on their upcoming self-titled album.

Tame Impala - 'Mind Mischief' (2013)

I really enjoyed Tame Impala's album, 'Lonerism' last year, all courtesy of Old Pa's TOTW recommendation, the Glam Rock infused 'Elephant'. 'Mind Mischief', the latest single, is no different, a superb slice of 70's influenced psychedelic rock. The video is equally brilliant too, no, not because of that....well a bit (phwoar) but because of how the music compliments it so perfectly. I just love how the filming is split, from the classroom, to car and then descending to the post smoke hallucinogenic trip......or maybe that's what love looks like? Anyway I'm probably just jealous, I can't really remember lusting over any of my teachers. The only female teacher I remotely had any sort of fleeting interest in was my A-level geography teacher and she had a beard but you should have heard the way she explained plate tectonics.

Shell Hunter:-
Filthy Boy - 'Jimmie Jammies' (2013)

I love this song from the tip of my night cap all the way to the bottom of my bumble bee slippers! there's nothing better than getting all comfy and snug in your PJs and if it leads to some serious cuddling, all the better! Some of you may find this a bit wishy washy and a 'novelty' track but I disagree, it shows promise as being fantastically different with it's moody, saucy atmosphere even though it doesn't fail to get a smile from me. Lead singer Paraic Morrissey has a great voice, reminding me of Nick Cave or even Jim Morrison and I'm certain we will be hearing more from the London foursome. Filthy Boy's debut album called Smile That Won't Go Down is out on April 1st. Who needs a feather boa when the belt of your dressing gown will suffice!

Hit the link to check out their website (here) and grab a free download of 'Jimmie Jammies', woohoo!

London Scouser:-
Palma Violets - 'Step Up For The Cool Cats' (2013)

London's Palma Violets have just started a fairly large tour and if their set is half as good as this track then they are destined for great things. I hear a little of The Vaccines here with the underlying hammond organ sound that takes me back to the early 90's and one of my fave bands of that time, The Inspiral Carpets.
Previous release Best Of Friends is worth a listen too as the vocals sound like a cross between Mick Strummer  & Joe Jagger to me.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Professor - Throw Down Your Arms (2012)

This is a fantastic rendition of the classic Burning Spear song (one of my favourite reggae tracks, and one of the best anti wars songs you can get) it comes from the 'Professor' album  'Throw Down your Arms' (2012) it was release at the end of December last year. The tracks were recorded live at the 'Reggae Sun Ska Festival in Europe in 2011'

I have just been listening to most of the album and it is a must hear if you a are reggae fan. The musicianship is fabulous and the energy is of incendiary proportions. The Spear would be proud.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 10/02/13 - Junip, Tame Impala, Palma Violets, Filthy Boy, Professor
4/ 5


10 February 2013 at 11:11

SFW - This is a great taster for the new album. I love this.
SH - does have a little feel of the Doors...maybe if it was 'put on your silk neglige' it would be better.
LS - I thought 'Best of Friends' was fantastic, in my top 20 last year. I'm still their friend.
FC - Another good one from the can't go wrong there.It almost sounds beatleish.

10 February 2013 at 18:49

Standing out for me this week:

Tame Impala - great song and great video. days. Must get the album.

Filthy Boy - excellent song with a novel lyrical concept (jimmie jammies? haha!).

Professor - great to hear some contemporary roots. Will be following this up.

21 February 2013 at 14:29

Sfw, really like Jose Gonzales and Junip in particular. This is a great track but I think it could have been improved with some drum breaks during the big finish.

SH, not bad..he has a great voice so it will be interesting to see what else he has under his bed.

LS, I was so impressed with these guys on Jools Holland last year and this is a brilliant track. I get your early 90's band comparisons.

Old Pa, Brilliant song a worthy rendition especially when it goes all dubby..