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TUNE DOCTOR'S PLAYLISTS - 'Our Bloody Valentine'

Ah Valentines...sometimes it's not just about a fluffy bunny, a padded greeting card or treating your partner to an 'Early Bird menu' at the Harvester. You could very well be single, indulging in a dinner for one or you could very well be heartbroken and be eating said fluffy bunny. Lucky for you we have all bases covered with TuneDr's very own Valentine's playlist, in love, the breakup and being alone.

In Love: Big Muff - 'My Funny Valentine' (1998)

Yep, they're called Big Muff. A track I first heard whilst I was falling in love with my now wife in New York.

The Breakup: Isaac Hayes - 'Walk On By' (1969)

Sometimes you need a girl to shit in your heart to truly start appreciating songs. Isaac Hayes' classic rendition of the Burt Bacharach composition is a firm favourite of mine and one such song. You hear so much more clearer after having your heart broken, at least that's one positive.

Alone: Soft Cell - 'Sex Dwarf' (1981)

Just because she liked 50 Shades of Grey didn't mean she'd go for this! Single now and are you surprised? Lets face it, if you're listening to this you are, or should be alone. "They all love your miniature ways". Horrifically good! I'm just glad the official video was of poor quality but if for any reason you need to ruin the mood on Valentine's day, see the video here.....

Old Pa's Corner:
In Love: Art Garfunkel - 'I've Only Got Eyes for You' (1975)

We have all been there, in a crowded place, but not being aware of anybody else but her or maybe making a horrible journey, that normally you want to end as soon as possible, but because she is with you, you want it to go on for ever. Why? because you Love her. You are in Love of course.    

The Breakup: Righteous Brothers -'You've Lost that Loving Feeling' (1964) 

Possibly one of the best records ever made, certainly in my top twenty. You always know when 'that loving feeling' is going. You feel the pain, the twisting Knife in your heart, you want to die, what is left in life, she was your world, your future, you love her!

Alone: The Four Tops - 'Ask the Lonely' (1965)

'Ask The Lonely' is one of the most underated 'breakup'songs of all time and one of my favourite/greatest voices of all time, the great  Levi Stubbs. Along with The Temptations, they knocked out some of the best pop music which my ears have had the pleasure to have heard. This is pure brilliance in the space of 3 minutes. You're stunned into submission, with the shear excellence of what can be achieved in such a  short space of time. When it finishes you just want to hear it again and again....isn't it great, when you can look back on 'all that pain' and now enjoy 'all that pain'.

Bob Marley once said ...'when music hits you feel no pain'. Seriously Bob! 'Go ask the lonely!!'

'Ask Me!'!
I'll be there

Shell Hunter:-
Love: The Lightning Seeds - 'Sense' (1992)

Its the simplicity of this track that I love. Who can explain the reason you feel the way you do when you're in love. "The only reason is just because". Fabulous!

Breakup: Limp Bizkit - 'Re-Arranged' (1999)

When you're hurting and hate the world, metal and angriness can be the best medicine. Fred Durst gets it so right in this seriously bitter song which I remember constantly playing after getting my heart broken many moons ago.

Alone: Beck - 'Nobodys Fault But My Own' (1998)

Beck beautifully encapsulates how you feel when you are on your own. You go over what you should/could have done differently and ultimately struggle not to blame yourself for what went wrong in your relationship.

London Scouser:-
In Love:  Dr Hook - 'A Little Bit More' (1976)

As a kid, I was subjected to Cliff Richard & Dr. Hook by my Mum. Nowadays that's tantamount to reaching for the phone and calling Childline. Now I'm getting older, I realise that the latter of Mum's choices have written some seriously great tracks. (Sylvia's Mother, Sexy Eyes to name a couple) and this one in particular gives me goose bumps when I hear it. Thanks Mum

The Breakup: Puddle Of Mudd - 'Blurry' (2001)

A great song which deals with a couple splitting up with a child in the middle. Thankfully I've never experienced this. But out of bad things, good things happen. This song.

Alone: Calexico - 'Alone (Again Or)' (2004)

One of my favourite covers by one of my favourite bands of probably my favourite Love song. Nuff said.

In Love: - The Black Keys - 'You're The One' (2007)

This always makes me think of my wife and that is a good thing.

The Breakup: Ryan Adams - 'Call Me On Your Way Back Home' (2000)

When I first heard Heartbreaker it made me realise however bad I felt, Ryan felt worse.

Alone: Nirvana - 'In Bloom' (1992)
Anger, fear, hate,  Yoda used all of these to describe the dark side whereas I would also add Nirvana. I used to listen to this on my own. It may explain how I turned out!

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TUNE DOCTOR'S PLAYLISTS - 'Our Bloody Valentine'
4/ 5


14 February 2013 at 15:20

Great selections all round guys....3 to 2 for breakup and lonliness over love....the way it should be? sex dwarf indeed....thank god for the dog!

15 February 2013 at 10:10

That's some mix. I can't help but feel romantic after listening to Richard Hawley live in Maida Vale studios yesterday. Judging from this playlist are we really miserable bastards? I'd go for fluffy bunny option any day.

15 February 2013 at 12:39

What a great playlist! Ok we may be a bunch of miserable buggers but the bad times are there so we value the good!

15 February 2013 at 13:01

I agree that it's a little negative in parts, but that was the idea. Love is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs. Without the lows, the highs wouldn't seem as awesome