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-WEDNESDAY CLUB goes to Bushey Park for a 'summer do' and the Pink Floyd blow me a way!-

A 'Summer Do' in Bushy Park

PINK FLOYD - Poles Apart  (1994)

I have always liked Pink Floyd (most people do) since the early days with Sid Barrett. 'See Emily Play', 'Interstellar Overdrive' etc. When Sid sadly left in 1968 they still continued with a series of great albums 'Atom Heart Mother' and of course the 'Dark Side of the Moon'. I actually bought the album to be the first album to be played on my first 'proper' stereo system. Wow! it sounded fantastic, this was 1973. and I lived on Richmond Hill.

I continued buying Floyd albums up to the  'Final Cut' (1983)  which  for all intents and purpose was a Rodger Waters solo album. I persevered with his solo career which I would describe as patchy. PF's out put after 'Waters;' left I did not even bother to listen to. Their time had come and gone as far as I was concerned. Floyd without Rodger Waters, was no Floyd at all.

I was reluctantly at my Wife's 'summer do' in  Bushy Park. It actually turned out a pretty good affair and I had to admit I enjoyed myself.  After, Old Ma and I went round for drinks (more) to one of her friends house (I don't have friends) and they put on  'The Division Bell' (1994) by the Floyd (minus Waters).  I was really surprised (even shocked)  how good it was, almost folky in parts. The song  'Poles Apart' just blew me away. I bought the album immediately of course.

It just goes to show, doesn't it!

When they reformed for the 'Live 8' gig, it really was a big chicken skin moment.

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Singing Bear said...

My interest in Floyd more or less stops after 'Wish You Were Here' (I love it all up to and including that), so I have always had a similar attitude to the later stuff as yourself. Maybe I should give it a try. Maybe I will one day. This has its moments for me.

flycasual said...

Great post and a good PF synopsis. For me, as a teen, it was a prerequisite to be into The Wall with it's anti establishment themes and drugs references because it was the done thing to do. I must have been 6 at the time when it actually came out and being terrified of The Wall video (one of my favourite all time guitar solos). As a result I skimmed the surface of their newer albums and of my head 'Learning to Fly' is a good one and of course this song which as you say is a chicken skin moment. Remember that day too, a good one beer, rounders and frisbee if I recall.

I was 8 when I first came across Pink Floyd and I was frightened of the video. Even now when I think of it and see the children go through a mincer it sends shivers down my spine. As a result I have made it my mission not too like them !! Silly really but principles are principles

Shell Hunter said...

I love this one! You used to play it and I remember thinking it sounded like Christy Moore! Another Brick In The Wall is such an epic track, those guys in Thailand played the whole version immaculately, ok the singing was iffy, but it's a timeless song with a amazing guitar work

LS - you are beginning to sound like your Mum!!!!

OP - you're right. OMG I'm such a hypocrite !! Please can someone make me a playlist immediately so that I can change.

flycasual said...

Tsk, I meant Another Brick in the Wall video. Marching hammers eugh. That video must have freaked out many kids of our generation.

flycasual said...

Weirdo, start with Dark Side of the Moon. Classic album. In fact there's a track on there called 'On the Run' which Old pa and Ma used to say was about a aircraft crashing. That freaked me out, again.

The Swede said...

Like Singing Bear, I stepped off the Pink Floyd train at 'Wish You Were Here', but I have to admit that I found the Live 8 set, particularly 'Comfortably Numb', unexpectedly moving.