Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Stranglers - Something Better Change

-WEDNESDAY CLUB to-day, we have ESB an upside down yellow Beetle, a missed victory, The Stranglers and Virginia Wade-

A similar yellow Beetle


THE STRANGLERS - Something Better Change (1977)

I know it was June 1977 as it was the Wimbledon Ladies semi-final, Virgina Wade was playing Chris Everett, it was also the Centennial of Wimbledon. I was excited, maybe Virginia could do it this time, it was her sixteenth attempt, time was running out for her. I was on an early shift and a friend and I were going to watch the game together at his house in Staines. We left work at 13:00 and went to a pub in Cranford the Rose and Crown, to get 'a few in' before the game (as tradition demanded) which should start just after 14:00.    

After a quick 4 pints of Fullers ESB (Extra Special Bitter) 5.5% , we headed of to Staines by the By-pass. My friend had a bright yellow Beetle and he went off ahead like, well a Beetle out of Hell. There was no way I was going to stay with him, he was crazy. He was almost a full roundabout ahead of me. When I got to the next roundabout, Holy shit! there was a bright Yellow beetle upsides down in the middle of the duel carriage way. It was slowly rocking.

The Stranglers were on the radio.

It took a second for me to realise that it was my friend. By the time I managed to parked and hurried back to the scene, the Police were already there and several strong guys managed to get my friend out and turned the car over.

My friend was dazed an incoherent, I heard the Police say have you been drinking. What should I do? say nothing. There is no point in us both going down??.

I could not do it.

I told the Police we had just finished work at 13:00 and went for a quick pint (nobody could drink 4 pints in 20 minutes, could they?) before going to watch the match. One of the Policemen was a big Tennis fan and his mood immediately changed. My friend had pain in his wrist, arm and shoulder. He said he was able to drive and needed to go to Hospital. They let us go and asked me to keep an eye and follow him to the Hospital.

Three bleeding hours I waited at AandE . I missed the match.

My friend was not seriously injured
Virgina Wade won the match and went on to win the final. I watched the final in Nice.

Every time I hear the Stranglers I think of this story.
ESB is dangerous, if you drink 4 pints in 20 minutes ( a nice drop 'tho).

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Stranglers - Something Better Change
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13 February 2013 at 09:56

A cautionary tale and great tune from back when Jet Black was a mere 39 year-old babe in arms. I'm glad to hear that there were no serious injuries. Nowadays you'd be able to watch the whole match in the pub and there'd be no need to rush off! Haven't had ESB in a while (licks lips)....anyone fancy a pint?

13 February 2013 at 10:52

"...Three bleeding hours I waited at A and E. I missed the match." Oh it's the way you tell 'em, OPC!
Glad your friend was ok of course but it's quite a tale.
I loved that Stranglers single, along with the other side Straighten Out; am I right in thinking it came out as a double A side? I can't remember nnow - but I played my copy to death!

13 February 2013 at 13:37

Bloody hell! Good would normally associate heavy drinking with football or rugby but tennis? Virginia Wade? It's Hardly rock n roll! With the Beetle rocking in the middle of the roundabout and the 'Something Better Change' on the radio, did u ever think somebody's was perhaps trying to tell you something?

13 February 2013 at 21:12

Hair raising. The things people will do for tennis, eh? Glad you both escaped with your health. Great song, of course.

17 February 2013 at 10:45

Thank you all for the comments...I shud have learned from the experience. I had the album so don't know what the 'B' side of the single was....but they were hot at that time 2 albums in a year