Monday, 4 March 2013

COVER NERD! - The Bluetones - Woman In Love

Once again it's cover time in my bi-weekly spot where I share with you some of my favourites.

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The Bluetones - Woman In Love (2002)

I love karaoke, however I need a beer or two beforehand.
I’ll start off by saying, I know I’m not a good singer, but I am told that I put on a good show. A few years back, I was on holiday in Pattaya, Thailand with Shellhunter and Old Pa & Ma. We decided to go out for a couple of pre-meal  Singha’s (I have to admit I hadn’t discovered Chang at this point) and found a quiet-ish bar to start the evening off.
After a while the music that was being played over the sound system stopped and a voice told us that it was karaoke time. We turned around to see this tall Thai person, microphone in hand start belting out a variety of songs. The voice was female, but we all agreed that we were witnessing a ladyboy in action. She/He was really good and we decided to stay a bit longer as the drinks kept on flowing. By now I had plucked up the courage to put my name down and started to look through their catalogue for my staple karaoke fave – West End Girls, I was gutted to find that they didn’t have it. As I was flicking through and on the verge of giving up I saw the Barbra Streisand classic Woman in Love and remembered that one of my favourite bands The Bluetones had covered it. I decided that it would be a fitting and ironic song for the occasion. When my time came, I belted it out to the best of my ability and was pleased that my fears of being laughed at were unfounded. I finished to a round of applause and a standing ovation from at least 5 people (albeit 3 have already been name checked earlier in this story) in the bar.

Don't bee sad, was my version really that bad ??
I haven’t performed it since, as there aren’t many ladyboy run karaoke bars in the Camberley area, which I feel is a shame !!
Before I had to worry about things like mortgages, I used to spend my money on DVD’s and CD’s, I used to buy the CD singles of my favourite bands, just to get the extra tracks, and hopefully a cover. This song was on the 2nd CD single of After Hours, and was also on their compilation album A Rough Outline (which features a few other covers too) I have recently had a clear out and thrown a number CD’s which is a shame but I did copy the tracks I liked to a hard drive to gather dust in a much smaller pile.

NERD ALERT! - I'm reliably informed that I went to Junior School with Mark Morriss, although I'm sure he doesn't remember much like I don't !!

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COVER NERD! - The Bluetones - Woman In Love
4/ 5


6 March 2013 at 10:06

I remember it well! Neo!Neo!Neo!

17 March 2013 at 12:37

You were like a God in there after that! It was funny and you gave it your best. Such an apt song for a lady boy like you to sing...oops sorry my manly hubby!