DYLAN COVERS #90 Lisa Hannigan/Nina Simone - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

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I'm Lisa Hannigan and i'm lost in the rain

LISA HANNIGAN - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (2008)

This is just fabulous song, it is Dylan at his street poetry best. It is just cool personified. Both these covers are truly magnificent. The Nina Simone's version is one of my favourites, it is a slowed down and world weary. I did not think it could be improved but this version by Lisa Hannigan, clearly influenced by Nina is not to shabby either. It was a joy to hear it.

The Lisa Hannigan take was recorded in Dick Macs, Dingle Pub in County Kerry, S.W. Ireland,. on 16th June 2008. The Nina Simone version was first released on her To Love Somebody album in 1969. It can still be found on various Best Of's, and rightly so.

NINA SIMONE - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues(1969)


Singing Bear said...

Nina's version has for a log time been one of my favourite Dylan covers. She was supreme. Er...the Lisa Hannigan appears to be something else all together, sir.

SB - Nina's version I agree is up there with the best Dylan covers...I quite like the Lisa one or maybe I am being influenced by the innocent smile of the pic.

The Swede said...

I've never heard of Lisa Hannigan, but I enjoyed her stripped back take - diggin' that xylophone! And Nina? Stupendous.

TS - You have still got the eye?

Singing Bear said...

What I meant was...is who's Hey Ocean!?

SB - you have lost me ?

Singing Bear said...

The video that I can see for Lisa Hannigan is actually a group called Hey Ocean! covering The Arcade Fire. Can no one else see this? Spooky.

SB - Just checked again seems OK...but when it finished it went on to another different song by someone else. May be paart of a playlist...very odd!