DYLAN COVERS #91 Eddie Vedder - Girl from the North Country/Forever Young

2 Pearls from Eddie

EDDIE VEDDER - Girl from the North Country

I have to say I missed these two Pearls from Eddie Vedder,  especially his magnificent take of Girl from the North Country, I just love it. One of the best Dylan covers I have heard for a while, well to-day, so-far . In fact I missed the whole DVD.

They are both on the DVD  Water on the Road . A must get, I am shouting.


Singing Bear said...

My wish is for Mr. Vedder to give up on the whole Pearl Jam thing and concentrate on his more acoustic based solo output. I love his soundtrack for 'Into The Wild' and these Bob covers fit the bill perfectly.

The Swede said...

I agree with Mr Bear. These are great versions and 'Into the Wild' is brilliant ('Ukulele Songs' is worth checking out too), but Pearl Jam as a band just haven't done it for me for a long time.

SB/TS make that 3...I love his acoustic stuff...an acoustic Dylan covers album please Eddie.

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